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Accelerate Your Android’s Battery Recharge: Smart Charging Strategies

With the advancements in battery and charging technology, most new phones don’t need that additional help to quicken the charging time. Some of the latest smartphones can get juiced up within a few minutes. However, unless you have the latest goodie, you need to look for other solutions.

Fortunately, you can take several steps to skyrocket your phone’s charging speed. Most of these Android phone tricks and tipsare free while others may require you to spend a bit of money. Either way, they all come in handy when you are in a hurry and want to charge up your phone for a long day.

Best tips to quickly charge your Android phone

1. Wired charging is king

I love wireless charging. They bring an amazing level of convenience where I simply get to put my phone on a flat surface and it starts charging without looking for cables. It keeps my desk clutter-free and clean. However, it’s important to recognize the limitations of wireless charging during a rush. The universal Qi charging standard has the highest charging capacity of 15W. That’s a measly figure compared to most USB-C chargers in Android phones.

So charging your phone with a cable is probably the most important Android phone tip I can offer. Otherwise, you’re simply leaving charging performance on the table. For instance, if you have a Redmi Note 12 Explorer or a Realme GT 3, you won’t get anywhere close to the 200+ watts of charging speed while using a wireless adapter.

2. Turn off cellular network

Your phone has a lot of cutting-edge wireless technology. From Bluetooth and NFC to Infrared and 5G. Unfortunately, every second your phone uses these technologies, it runs out of juice. Your phone uses a major share of its battery to stay connected with the local 4G or 5G network. That’s why it’s best to turn off the cellular network while charging your phone.

Whether it’s for saving battery life or charging faster, turning on airplane mode is an indispensable Android smartphone tip and trick. If you must stay connected to:

  • WiFi for messages and important notifications and
  • Keep the Bluetooth on for your wireless earbuds,

you can turn on those toggles after turning on Airplane mode. 

3. Plug your phone into a wall outlet

Power banks have become more affordable over the years and smartphone usage has increased over time. That’s why most people including myself have developed the habit of charging our phones with a power bank even when I’m at home. Otherwise, I decide to plug into one of the USB-C cables connected to my PC when I’m at the desk. It’s just convenient.

Unfortunately, power banks have limited charging speed and the same goes for USB ports on PC(including Thunderbolt ports). Instead, it’s best to switch to the wall outlet with a charging adapter.

4. Buy a GaN charger or something better

You’re leaving out performance if you don’t pair a capable charger with a phone that’s capable of blazing-fast charging speed. For instance, if you have a phone that’s wired and configured to charge at 120 watts, you’re not doing yourself a favor with a standard 25-watt charger. Instead, buy a GaN(Galium Nitride) charger or a better alternative that can support your phone’s charging speed. Just make sure to use a reliable charger from a reputable brand that doesn’t mess with the sensitive components of your phone or risk your Android smartphone’s security.

5. Turn off your phone or switch to low-power mode

This one is quite obvious! Turn off your phone and it shuts down any activity. There’s no power discharge or power consumption while you charge your smartphone. Moreover, there are no background apps or an OLED display that stays on indefinitely to slowly draw power and increase charging time. However, for some turning off your phone may not be an option. Try out low-power mode.

Swipe your screen from the top and you’ll land on a toggle for low power mode on the ‘Quick Settings’ screen. This mode restricts inactive background apps and some phones even reduce the power delivered to the brain of your smartphone or the SoC(System on a Chip).

Adopting these changes helps to cut down on your charging speed significantly. You’ll see the battery bar on your phone filling up in no time. Otherwise, consider upgrading to a phone that supports lightning-fast charging speeds. Do you have similar insights that you want to share with the world? Share your tech tips by writing for us in our technology blog.

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