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Why Good Health is Important in Business?

Business as usual – as our lifestyles have grown more complex, busy, and self-focused – takes us away from the natural rhythm of life. With so many messages to digest and decisions to make every day, the decision to take care of ourselves can seem less attractive than the one to go after our goals – with greater energy, effectiveness, and enthusiasm. However, I know from experience that prioritizing good health is a good way to stop the mind from running away from business.

Shared Dreams

One of my first ventures into business was that of a small, high-end coffee shop. I thought that running my own small business would keep me from the excesses of consumerism, encourage me to pursue healthy living, and give me a regular dose of adult conversation.

After running my business for a year and losing close to $10,000 in deposits to the bank, I became frustrated, discouraged, and even contemplated shutting the doors. However, I reminded myself that my business had come together thanks to my shared dreams and passions – and that I had to keep the vision going.

That small business failed, but I ended up moving into my current role as Director of Market Research at Wyle. After developing a healthier lifestyle, my interest in the health and wellness of consumers and patients led me to work as a research consultant for a number of health products – including the company that became Vitality.

When Vitality began to work with medical health providers to customize medical health plans to consumers and create high-value services such as wellness programs, I was excited to join the team and serve the health industry.

Health Benefits and Education

As a subject matter expert in business education, I was able to work with a host of health and wellness providers. One of my first opportunities to partner with Vitality was to launch the Vitality Business & Employee Health Program in 2003. The Business & Employee Health Program is a high-level. Health benefit package tailored to large employers that offers a broad range of health benefits.

Employees who want to participate in Vitality have access to the program through their employers or through Vitality individually. When employers are able to offer wellness programs, they are incentivizing employees to participate and to participate often.

For employees, benefits that are related to both health and wellness help promote the ideal that employees are spending less time in their businesses to achieve a higher quality of life, health, and career – with a focus on social connections. Business is about relationships, health, and education, and Vitality provides businesses with the opportunities to share with employees the importance of making both of these opportunities as healthy and rewarding as possible.

Getting Health Help Directly

By providing good health care directly to employees, Vitality Business & Employee Health Program directly benefits business owners. Vitality is partnering with health care organizations and health care providers in order to provide health information directly to employers, employees, and patients. These partners allow health care providers to deliver information directly to Vitality members.

When employees know that their health care is going directly to the people who are caring for them. They have access to ongoing resources that are not included in many insurance plans. Providing information through direct information and partnerships improves the chances of a health issue getting caught early – with an improved quality of life, health, and productivity.

Giving More Than Business

I am passionate about business education and the importance of providing good health and wellness resources and information to business owners.

By helping businesses provide the benefits and information that they are aiming to, and by giving people the right information about the health of business owners, Vitality Business & Employee Health Program provides business owners with the resources they need to continue leading the businesses that are integral to their families, community, and their families’ lives.

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