September 30, 2022

As we know, we originate from human-like monkeys (our oldest known precedes). They were hairy, and as time went by, that hair has fallen from the bodies, but we still have some hair to remove. Most of the time, the women are those who fight against that hair with removing, but also more and more men nowadays are prone to painful hair removal process with different tools and chemicals. Today we have so many hair removal methods, and they may vary from cheap to expensive, from easy at home to cosmetic studios and lasers for permanent removal, less and more painful, etc.

The most popular the known methods are shaving, depilating cream, and epilating with an epilator and hot waxing.

Sugaring is also coming back to life, because of its sustainability. It’s easy to do it yourself, and it provides long-term effects. It has been used since ancient Egyptians, including a mixture of natural ingredients, alongside lemon juice, sugar, and water. It is suitable for most skin types. It is the gentlest and maybe the healthiest way to remove hair.

Hot waxing is a little bit more painful but still healthy enough because of the lack of chemicals. It is not recommended to do it yourself, but it should be done by an expert.


1. Shaving


For many, this is the easiest and simplest way to remove hairs. But, it’s simply cutting, and they will grow again in a short time. Is it the safest? We can say it’s really safe for those who have time to repeat the process every few days, without cuts or ingrown hairs. But for those with sensitive skin, we recommend skipping this method. Shaving is proven to promote ingrown hairs, and our suggestion is to avoid it if your skin is too sensitive.

2. Waxing


Hot or cold wax, it’s your choice. This method pulls out the hairs from the root, and your skin appears smooth and shiny. The risk of ingrown hair still exists, especially if you have common problems with it. Many professionals will recommend using hot wax because it opens the hair roots, and it’s less painful for the person using it. Also, we also recommend going to a professional, because you can easily make a mistake, and cause burns on your skin. We can say that it’s healthy for those who can handle the pain only.

3. Removing with a help of light waves

This is a modern approach to the popular laser-removing method. It’s adapted to be used at home with devices like NICEBLE. It’s good to use on every body part, including the bikini line, face, armpits, and so on. It emits red light, that affects the root directly. That will break the regrow cycle, making the results durable. The result is almost permanent, since it affects the root, and doesn’t let the hair regrow immediately. The result is nice and smooth skin. There are many similar devices available on the market, but NICEBLE is unique because of the sapphire cooling system, which makes the whole process less painful. It’s healthy because there is no pulling and unwanted red spots on the skin.

4. Laser epilation


This is probably the most effective method among them all. But, it’s very expensive, and it takes a lot of time to be done. You will need a lot of sessions, that target different parts of the body. After that, you have to be very dedicated to maintaining the results, which means regular skincare, and avoiding the sun for a long period. If you have the time and money, it’s a great chance to take.

5. Sugaring


This is a popular method, that is known forever. It’s simply like mixing sugar, lemon juice, and a little water, and making a paste of it. You simply put it on your skin and peel it off. It’s good for removing facial hair too. It’s not a permanent method, but the results are really durable. It’s been proven that the mixture exfoliates the skin gently, lowering the chances for regrowth or ingrown hairs.

The only thing is to make sure your hair is grown enough, so the sugar can catch the hairs, and removes them together with the dead skin. And the best thing is that the warmth of your hands is enough to maintain the elasticity of the mixture, so you can use it again.

Also, many cosmetic manufacturers offer jarred sugar mix, so you won’t have to prepare it yourself.

6. Bleaching


Painless, but still not that healthy option, and it can get really messy if you are in a hurry. It removes the pigment from the hair, making it almost invisible. You have to do a patch test, to check if your skin is too sensitive for this, or if you are eventually allergic to the bleach ingredients. Keep in mind that the hair is still here, but it’s very light. Anyway, sometimes, when the sun shines directly on the skin, they can appear even more visible than they were before the bleaching.

7. Depilatories creams


It’s a stinky and gooey mixture of chemicals, that literally melt the hairs above your skin. Some people can handle it, but in most cases, it causes skin dryness and irritation. As the cream dissolves the hair, you can remove it with a wet cloth, or you can wash the mixture off, together with the hairs. Also, a patch skin test is highly recommended, to avoid irritation.


Even though the hairy movement is stronger than ever, many people still prefer smoothness over any other look. Our suggestion is to use whatever you think is appropriate for you. Find the most effective way, and see if it works well for you. If irritation occurs, you will have to consult with your healthcare provider.

And no matter which method you choose, maintaining the result is the key to a durable effect. You can’t expect that only one session will do a miracle. We hope that this article was helpful for you.

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