October 7, 2022
Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was first introduced several decades ago in an effort to create garden areas in urban regions where these were sparse. Nowadays, people are using the products to replace natural lawns as a way to conserve water, eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, and reduce the need for maintenance. 

The turf looks as authentic and appealing as a natural garden without the typical expense associated with care and upkeep. There are varied turf options, each with unique purposes and price points, allowing homeowners to find one that will meet specific needs and circumstances. 

One of the methods you can use to help determine the overall cost is an artificial grass cost calculator tool. This can narrow your estimate closer to your particular situation. Let’s look at details on the price points to help you make more informed decisions.

What Is The Average Cost Of Artificial Grass

You’ll find a vast array of turf options on the market. To narrow down a specific price point for the average person would be challenging with particular preferences. Still, an individual consumer can get a more personalized estimate using a cost calculator meant to make this specific determination.

As of February of this year, the average price point for installing the product ranges between roughly “$3000 and close to $8000.” The indication is that given the scenario of a “1000 square foot plot using a padded turf product, installed; the cost estimate would be roughly as great as $6500.”

It’s vital to recognize there’s much to consider when looking for a quote aside from the installation price, including the “blade shape,” materials, supplies, installation labor, and more. 

There will be a greater price point based on how natural the product appears and the degree of durability, not to mention ease of maintenance. 

You will also see more expense the plusher the pile with the quotes depending on the garden’s square footage and if the space is even with irregular areas tending to generate more cost due to the extra labor with installation.

On average, per square foot, a typical garden will range from between $5 and roughly $13. You’ll want to calculate each area that needs to be covered without overextending yourself. Find details on configuring prices using a cost calculator at https://ventsmagazine.com/2019/12/12/learn-the-costs-with-an-artificial-grass-cost-calculator/.

You’ll find there are three different types of turf, including “polypropylene,” “polyethylene,” or “nylon.” These will carry unique advantages and be better suited for particular locations and circumstances.

Types Of Artificial Grass

There are three different versions of artificial grass, each with its own pros and locations and circumstances they will be most suited. When looking for materials for your garden, it’s vital to consider the degree of maintenance you intend, the longevity you hope for, and the budget you have set aside.

The indication is you can pay a range as minimal as $2 for “polypropylene” per square foot with nylon ranging as great as $5+ per square foot. Check out the details for each version.

  • Polypropylene

The indication is that polypropylene can range from a minimal price point of $2 per square foot to as great as $5+. Those looking for a budget-friendly choice will find this option reasonable. 

The material is the least favored among the varieties with the suggestion that it does poorly in high heat situations and can’t handle excessive foot traffic. It doesn’t like extreme temperatures and doesn’t do well in inclement weather such as snow or rain. 

The grass does its best and will last longer when placed in a shaded location. The turf boasts a smooth, light feeling with excellent flexibility.

  • Polyethylene

It is indicated that polyethylene grass ranges from as minimal as $2+ to as great as $4 for each square foot. The suggestion is that the older materials comprise a “plain nylon,” but these are not easy to find except perhaps in small rounds. These will feel somewhat stiff, and the yarn will typically be short.

The newer version is of a material denoted a “polyethylene,” a type of nylon softer with varied blade shapes allowing for different garden appearances as you would see if you were to use natural grass seeds in unique variations.

  • Nylon

The indication for nylon is the price point is a bit higher for the variant at a minimum of roughly $5 and a high of approximately $6 per square foot of space. The “spike resistance” allows the product to be used effectively in sports fields due to its sturdiness. It’s also ideal for high-traffic areas. 

The turf can withstand most abuses, including extreme temperatures, with exceptional strength and resilience. The blades tend to hold their shape relatively well, and the grass gives a garden a natural appearance but at a substantial cost.

Final Thought

In order to get a more concise price point, it’s wise to use a cost calculator and your specifications to get a more precise estimate. Go here for more suggestions on artificial grass costs. 

The ranges here are generic but will give you a general idea of where costs were in February of this year. They will, at the very least, get you started on your artificial grass journey.

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