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What are Poki Games and Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Them?

Poki games it’s cool. It’s flashy. This is accessible, exciting, and unapologetically entertaining. Millennials will die for Poki Games, no matter how much they argue about whether to jump in or not.


“If you haven’t played Pokemon, you haven’t really lived.” ― Kyra Jordan, CNN

Last week, a lanky, conservative millennial asked a rather honest question: Why the hell do I keep playing this?

As I told my millennial friend and he hung on my every word, I want to go back in time and play some of these games. I don’t want to play these games with my relatives or even the parents of my peers. I want to play them because they are incredibly addictive and amazing to play and, just like I am not going to let you or the millennials stop me from playing the games I love, I am not going to let you or anyone stop me from playing the games I love.

It seems that the millennial generation has gotten obsessed with Poki Games, regardless of how shallow or superficial, and meaningless some might find them to be. Why would young adults have such a fascination with Poki Games when they are supposedly far more shallow and superficial than even I am willing to admit?

Poki Games and Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Them

While the market for entertainment has grown over time, it has made its way to an increasingly specific audience. According to Forbes, “The millennial generation (ages 18-35) comprised 26 percent of the U.S. population and 39 percent of the population of 24-35-year-olds.

The pop-culture phenomenon targets these consumers, and brands who have been cultivating them since the days of MTV, video games, the Internet, and mobile.” According to a survey of 2,000 millennials in the United States by GoNoodle, “62 percent of millennials said their primary source of entertainment is video games, only seven percent say traditional movies and videos, but 56 percent say free games.

” According to CNN, “Millennials in the U.S. have made entertainment one of their primary sources of entertainment for the last decade, so much so that it has become one of the world’s biggest industries.” Why is entertainment so important to millennials?

Millennials know that the best and most rewarding experiences are those that consume them emotionally. Millennials have discovered that many aspects of entertainment do exactly that.

Entertainment can be extremely stimulating, fulfilling, exciting, and refreshing. It doesn’t always have to be unpretentious and shallow and, if millennials want to get deep and passionate about something, they can find it in any form of entertainment. Millennials know this.

Why else do we consistently make trips to YouTube and waste hours watching videos that make us feel good? Why do we spend hours on Instagram and Snapchat and continually have apps with games? Do we keep buying our smartphones?

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be an unapologetic pursuit of entertainment. Those that are already obsessed with Poki Games might argue that they aren’t striving, to be anything more than these things. Regardless of what they say or think, young adults are seeking these experiences. It the cool to play games. Incredible to play with them while jumping into pools. Good cool to play them with a million people around you.

Like many other Millennials, I keep my digital experiences separate from the real world. I play games at home. I don’t play games at work or around my friends, yet I don’t deprive myself of the fun. We have defined entertainment.

Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Poki Games

Poki Games are an expression of the desires of the millennial generation. The millennials who play Poki Games are looking for their entertainment. They are looking for something to consume, a thrill to satisfy, and a social environment to experience. Millennials are doing what so many older adults did for decades. They are consuming entertainment.

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