October 5, 2022

For many, experiencing stress has become a normal part of everyday life. Some may encounter stressors at school or work, while others may face challenges in certain life situations such as caring for a family, conflicts in relationships, and the like. However, chronic stress may have detrimental effects on one’s health, particularly on a person’s mental abilities.

For instance, sleep-deprived people may experience brain fog from time to time. And in some extreme cases, stress may also hinder you from being focused or may trigger mental disorders, significantly impacting your quality of life. And so, today, many individuals start to use nootropics to combat the negative impact of stress on one’s brain health.

If you’d like to know more about nootropics and how they can help you care for your brain health and augment your mental performance, continue reading this article.


What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are also known by different names, such as cognitive enhancers, smart drugs, or brain stimulants. These nutritional supplements are primarily used to boost brain health and enhance cognitive functions such as memory, learning, decision-making, and focus. They come in various forms, such as dietary supplements, prescription medicines, or synthetic compounds. Moreover, nootropics are usually made with organic and synthetic ingredients rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that support robust brain functions.

While nootropics manufacturers don’t claim the ability to amend one’s intellect, these supplements aim to elevate one’s cognition, learning skills, and memory. Furthermore, those who want to take extra care of their mental health are known to benefit from them.

The effect of nootropics on brain health can also be highly beneficial for athletes or people who participate in competitive sports, students, and workers who want to perform better in their respective fields. Hence, they continued to grow in popularity across demographics.

Several nootropic brands are available in the market, each offering a unique combination of ingredients that targets specific brain health challenges. If you’d like to see how some products compare with one another, you can search online for a full post on brands detailing their ingredient list and how each component can address specific brain health issues.

But to name a few, here are some examples of substances commonly found in nootropic supplements:

  • Caffeine

Source: medium.com

Caffeine is considered one of the most potent nootropics one can access without a prescription. Commonly found in drinks such as tea and coffee, caffeine blocks adenosine, a chemical compound that triggers drowsiness. In effect, taking substances with caffeine can boost alertness and make a person feel less tired.

  • L-Theanine

Source: meijer.com

L-Theanine is usually found in tea. This substance has a calming effect, which can be beneficial for those battling stress and anxiety. Moreover, L-Theanine also supports alpha brain wave activity, which can improve one’s creativity and focus.

  •  Creatine

Source: examine.com

Creatine is most commonly used by athletes, as it can enhance muscle mass and boost physical performance. In addition, some studies show that creatine can help strengthen brain cells, improving short-term memory and reasoning. This substance can be especially beneficial for highly-stressed people, as it can help boost one’s mood amidst stressors such as sleep deprivation.

Many other nootropic substances are used to create supplements, most of which are made using organic and synthetic materials. Also, these substances are usually combined to create products that target multiple issues concerning brain health and cognition.

What Are Nootropics Used For?

There are various nootropic products and brands available in the market. Depending on your needs, these supplements are specially formulated for specific purposes. Here are some of them:

1. Nootropics Are Used To Boost Cognitive Functions

Source: ifado.de

Nootropic supplements serve as cognitive enhancers, which can help improve one’s alertness, focus, mental clarity, and memory. These factors can significantly contribute to a person’s ability to learn, retain information, follow instructions, make decisions, and think logically. As a result, one’s performance in sports, at work, or in daily functions can also be improved.

2. Nootropics Can Provide Relief For Mental Fatigue

Stress can make someone feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, or mentally exhausted. Also called ‘burnout,’ this symptom of mental fatigue can make a person feel less motivated, energetic, and focused on the tasks at hand. In extreme cases, feeling burned out can be dangerous since it can impair a person’s judgment and reasoning. And so, one can act on impulse or engage in risky behavior hazardous to their safety, health, and well-being.

For those suffering from burnout, taking nootropics with calming effects can help them relax and regain mental clarity. This way, they can wind down after a long day, sleep better, and recoup energy. Because of its ability to promote relaxation and stress relief, nootropics can be highly beneficial for workers who want to perform better in their fields.

3. Nootropics Help Sharpen Memory

Source: koppdental.com

Nootropics are called “smart drugs” as they can boost one’s concentration and memory retention. These supplements contain substances that can help fight oxidative damage and boost neuron production. Some nootropic products are specially formulated to elevate levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), with the effects reported to be noticeable within minutes of taking the substances.

As a result, a person’s ability to absorb and retain information can instantly be enhanced by using memory-enhancing nootropics. Along with good nutrition, exercise, and other forms of health care, these products can significantly improve one’s performance in everyday tasks. For instance, students who want to perform better in school can take nootropic supplements to improve concentration in class and memory.

4. Nootropics Help Stabilize Mood

People suffering from chronic stress or mental health disorders may experience challenges regulating their moods and behavior. For these cases, nootropics that provide a calming effect can be beneficial. For instance, nootropics formulated for anxiety and depression relief can support and augment neurotransmitter production to improve brain health and energy. Thus, taking them can help one achieve and retain mental clarity and mood stability despite exposure to triggering situations.


Source: firstpost.com

In general, nootropics can help enhance one’s brain health and offer protection against cognitive impairment. With proper nutrition, quality sleep, and regular physical activities, these supplements can be highly beneficial for many. That said, it is always best to consult a medical professional to ensure you are taking the right supplement and the right dosage to ensure your overall health and well-being.

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