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Useful Tips To Prepare For Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka is a beautiful land, a mix of amazing landscapes, friendly people, and British colonial heritage. This is one of the top traveling destinations people prefer to explore beautiful beaches, enjoy delicious cuisines and be a part of the local culture. If you haven’t been to this place, then it is important to take care of a few things to make your Sri Lanka family holidays memorable. So let’s begin.

Avoid drinking tap water – If you are from a Western country and have never been to an Asian country, then you must know that drinking tap water can be very unsafe here. Of course, many people drink this water often, but they are immune to the water and it doesn’t cause any harm. So, it is important that you carry packaged drinking water no matter where you go. Also, it is important to take care of the expiration date before opening the bottle. Using ice is never a good idea, especially when purchased loose from a local shop. The same goes for salads as the veggies are mostly washed using the same tap water too.

Carry cash – Another very important thing that you must keep in mind when preparing for the Sri Lanka holidays is that you must carry cash. The local currency of this country is Sri Lankan Rupees but US Dollars are accepted in most restaurants and branded stores. Since most of the places here do not accept cards, it is suggested that you carry enough cash in your pockets to avoid any kind of hassle. Also, it is important that you don’t carry too much cash. Also, it is suggested to keep some SL Rupees handy everywhere you go.

Carry light clothes – If you have been planning to visit Sri Lanka on your Sri Lanka family holidays then you would have read that the local weather here is mostly humid and comparatively warm like most islands are, all through the year. This is why you would often see many people roaming around the streets and the beaches wearing light clothes with half sleeves, which are very appropriate for this kind of weather. Additionally, it is highly suggested that you carry enough cotton clothes so that you can enjoy traveling comfortably. Ensure the clothes you pack are not too short or revealing.

Choose north to escape the crowd – It is a fact that Sri Lanka is beautiful from every corner, but the kind of experience you want to have will make a huge impact on the place you should choose to visit. For example, prominent tourist destinations are located along its western and southern borders. These areas have relaxed and calm weather that makes it an ideal place for couples, making Sri Lanka a suitable Honeymoon destination for many newly married couples. So when you are visiting these arrears, you should expect to see some couples here. But if you want to avoid the unwanted crowd and would like to enjoy traveling in peace, then the Northern parts can be the right choice as here you can check out places like Kalpitiya, Wilpattu National Park, Anuradhapura, and many others.

Enjoy local dishes – One thing that is very famous, apart from the rich cultural heritage and amazing heritage, is the local cuisines that you can enjoy here on your next Sri Lanka family holidays. This is a place of delicious and aromatic spices that are supplied across the world so you can have the pleasure to taste amazing food on your trip. Right from the fresh and tender crab curry to piping hot tandoori rotis, you must give a try to everything you can when exploring Sri Lanka on holidays. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can have many options to try comfortably that are made completely from vegetables and local spices. Do give the local cuisine a try, it’ll be worth it.

It’s a friendly country – One thing that not many people will know about Sri Lanka is that this is an incredibly friendly and welcoming country. Long after the memories of local cuisines and tourist attraction places will fade from your mind, the warmness and friendliness of local people is sure to stick in your mind and will make the whole experience a great one. Wherever you go, you will have friendly people joining their hands to welcome you to their premises, even if you buy something from them or not. So when you are worried about your safety in a new place, then don’t worry as the people here are very helpful and friendly.

Prepare to go slow – While the local authorities are working towards improving the infrastructure and transportation options are plentiful, the only thing that will make an impact on your traveling experience is the speed at which you need to move. This country is having tightly winding roads and engine-testing inclines, which can make your speed of traveling quite slow. And since this is a hilly country, it has been particularly known to be notorious for eating away time. Whether you are planning to hire a local taxi or travel by tuk-tuk or train, you can expect to move at the speed of around 12-15 miles per hour. But it is always suggested to hire a local taxi to save the time and hassle that you can come across.

So when you are planning for the Sri Lanka holidays, it is important that you keep in mind useful tips to avoid the hassle. The more you know about the local places, the more you can make the most of your time and enjoy exploring local places. Hiring a local tour guide can be a good choice when you want to save time and stay safe in Sri Lanka, especially when this is your first time visiting here. And ensure booking the holiday packages with a trusted and reliable source to avoid the hassle later.

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