October 5, 2022

Milwaukee is a gorgeous city of over 1.5 million people that has a life of its own.  From the incredible lake views to the awesome job market, this is an awesome place to visit and an even better place to live Lakefront Brewery’s .

While you’re in town if you need to take the edge off from traveling, consider stopping in at a brewery!  These are the top breweries in this city, and why the locals love them.

Lakefront Brewery

Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

This spacious brewery on North Commerce Street is a top pick for the locals who want to relax for a while.  Catering to anything their customer wants, you can find alcohol that suits whatever craving or dietary restriction you have, including organic and gluten-free drinks.

Lakefront Brewery’s food menu is limited, but you won’t have to worry about missing it once you’ve had a taste of their drinks.  The friendly staff, and awesome location, ensure that you’ll never want to leave once you’ve had your first drink here!

Good City Brewing

Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.

Whether you’re looking for some fresh flavors to try or you want to befriend some locals, it’s time to head to Good City Brewing. This modern brewery has an industrial-chic look that really works for Milwaukee.  Tasty bar fare is what sets this brewery apart, offering delicious food that pairs well with whatever drink you want to wet your whistle with.

Eagle Park Brewing Company

Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

IF you need a break from looking at Milwaukee houses for sale, it’s time to stop in and check out the Eagle Park Brewing Company.  Not only is this brewery incredibly popular for its alcohol, but locals love the history that comes with this brewery.  Since it’s one of the oldest in the city, it gives you the chance to get to know the area and traditions while you have some of the best alcohol in Milwaukee.  Guests who visit love the vibes the bar has and the extremely affordable bar fare.

MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

If you want a good slice of pizza with your beer and a laid-back atmosphere, head over to MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom!  This crowdsourced brewery has a lot of community spirit and so many options you’ll want to try a little of everything.  Although the drinks can be a little pricey, everything else about this location has captured the hearts and minds of locals.

Located on GM+F5, it is near a lot of traffic, which means getting an Uber there and back when you’re drinking will be easy and quick.  If you want to make memories while you’re in town, stop in at the MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom soon!

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