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The 5 Most Popular Wedding Themes Ideas in 2022

So there you go! With ideas like these that came from Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on you can stay on top of fashion trends at all times and create your dream wedding themes ideas!

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I hope this post inspires you and gives you a better idea of the trends we will be seeing in the future. If you found a wedding theme idea that you like, feel free to share it on Pinterest and talk about it on social media! The most popular wedding theme ideas for the future are featured below.

Top 5 Wedding Themes Ideas for Today

Modern Wedding


Flowers – Small/Large/None

Photography – Local/Professional

Event Coordination – Simple

Catering – DIY

Flowers – Small, with freshness, variety, and attention to details

Themes – Natural, Rich, Romantic

Decorations – Light, Bright, Sophisticated

The 5 Most Popular Wedding Themes Ideas in 2022

1. Florals

This is a favorite. It’s time for florals and you can get all sorts of inspiration for these lovely flowers! If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this on your Pinterest, you are correct! Until recently florals were for summer weddings and in order to please this market people had to make these sweet and delicate wedding themes.

Nowadays you can find beautiful flowers in every season for weddings. Flower shows are becoming so popular that people are buying flowers from florists rather than from shops. There is so much that can be done with florals and this is definitely a popular wedding theme right now!

Go for flowery themes and give a beautiful feel to your wedding!

2. Dresses

This is another modern wedding theme idea that is popular right now. You can wear a dress that is very short and shows your legs. A dress can be styled in a variety of ways. What is your idea for a dress for your wedding?

Go for flowery themes and give a beautiful feel to your wedding!

3. Traditional Wedding

This wedding theme is very popular right now and there is no better inspiration than Pinterest. Many people want traditional weddings and many people make requests like this for their weddings. This is a great theme that is easy to pull off.

Go for floral themes and give a beautiful feel to your wedding!

4. Pale Wedding

This is a wedding theme that can really suit all of your guests! You can choose different colors for the wedding, which means that the colors can change according to the seasons. Pale colors are also popular. Pale colors give you an elegant look. If you want to have a beautiful pale wedding dress look up different dressmakers.

Go for floral themes and give a beautiful feel to your wedding!

5. Themed Wedding

There are so many ideas for themed weddings on Pinterest that you can find everything you’ve ever wanted! This theme comes with the most beautiful ideas.

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