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Stand Out In The Market With Custom Chocolate Boxes

Custom chocolate boxes are a game changer for all the brands that want to sell their chocolates successfully and become the top brands in the USA. If you are running a brand and want to increase sales then nothing but your packaging needs to be customized. 

The remarkable benefits that you can get with the help of packaging are that you can make your product different which will facilitate you to stand out from the rest of the chocolate sellers in the USA. Packaging is a way to increase the presentation and value of the product and helps brands become the top priority of the customers. 

Chocolate boxes wholesale services of packaging companies will reduce the cost of the packaging. This cost-effective packaging will help you give uniqueness to the product and earn higher sales. Not all the packaging can help you in creating your product distinction in the market, you have to carefully design the packaging by keeping in mind the desires of the customers and the product. 

Packaging And The Perceived Value Of The Product 

Have you seen that the top brands have very attractive packaging? They invest in the design, color, style, and material of their packaging because they know that the worth of their product is directly related to the value of their packaging. Wholesale chocolate box packaging is the most reasonable thing that can increase the perceived value of their product. 

If you want to enter into the race with the big brands then you have to invest in the designing of your packaging. The more your packaging will be good and catchy the more there will be the chances that the customers will select your chocolates. Via the following means you can increase the appearance of your chocolate box packaging.

  1. Addition Of Coating 

Coatings make the packaging not only good in appearance but also good in quality. The reason for this is that your coatings will increase the protective ability of the boxes by making them tear and moisture-resistant, in coating you can use the following options: 

Gloss Lamination 

Gloss lamination is a PVC film that is applied on the packaging material after the printing process and add-ons are applied. This finish will pop all the colors on your packaging out due to its smoothness, shine, and slickness. The surface of your custom hot dog trays, chocolate boxes, macaron packaging, etc can become very smooth and will reflect light adding a premium touch. Moreover, this lamination enhances the protective ability of the boxes as it increases the box thickness. 

Gloss UV Coating 

Like the gloss lamination, this coating also gives a shiny and smooth surface to your packaging. The main difference between the two is that gloss lamination is applied in the solid form while gloss UV coating is applied in the liquid form. After the application, the coating is dried with the help of UV rays. Your chocalte pie packaging will get a protective ability with this coating and will make sure that sun rays and moisture do not destroy the quality of your packaging. 

Matte Lamination 

Matt lamination does not give a glossy touch to your custom chocolate boxes packaging but it can increase the smoothness of the packaging material. This shine-free surface will give a soft touch to your packaging that when combined with debossing or embossing will enhance the worth of your product and allow you to stand out in the market. 

  1. Addition Of Add-Ons

Add-ons are used prior to the finishings. These are additional elements that are added to the packaging as per the budget of the company. Whether you need hot dog packaging ideas, or you want to get an overview of your chocolate packaging design, the addition of add-ons is the best option. The add-ons that you can use are as follows: 

Foil Stamping

As the name of the add-on indicates, in this process foils are added to the boxes. A heated metal die is used to add metallic foils to the boxes. This die is applied to give a metallic effect on the boxes. You can add a 3D effect on the packaging to emphasize your logos and create a striking impression on the customers. 

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With this add-on, a raised impression is created on the packaging. This is an economical add-on that creates a very interesting and beguiling look for the boxes. Brands use embossing to highlight their logos or other specific branding elements.  


It is the opposite of embossing which creates a depressed pattern on the packaging. Paper is applied with high pressure and heat to depress the artwork or typography to get a depressed pattern.


Custom chocolate boxes can increase the market presence of your brand due to their enticing designs and looks. The boxes can be garnished with the help of several add-ons, finishings, etc to make them beguiling, which will help you stand out in the market and hence allow you to generate sales.  



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