October 5, 2022
Simple soups to add to your healthy diet plan

If you find switching to and maintaining a healthy diet is difficult, you have numerous companions around the world. Especially in today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle, when people consider food their resort to comfort, it becomes more challenging to stick to things that may be not that appealing to your taste buds.

However, one simple food that is not just healthy but also tasty and easy to make, is soup. Whether you order a Vietnamese soup at Roll’d Australia or prepare your favorite recipe at home, the varieties are countless.

Soups allow you to easily keep a check on your calorie intake, stay full for hours, and most importantly fill your platter with amazing flavors. With numerous options available in soups, you can relish new tastes and aromas to your meals every day of the week.

Take a bowl of soup with your lunch/dinner or a noodle soup for breakfast, they satiate your hunger and load you with nutrition. Here are some easy soup recipes that will add more fun to your daily diet.

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Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is highly popular and one of the best soups to add to your meals. It is a versatile dish that allows you to be playful with veggies and add your favorite seasonal or evergreen ingredients to it.

It is an appropriately filling dish that can have potatoes, onions, peas, green beans, carrots, and more loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Tomato soup

If you are looking for a portion of tasty food that is low in calorie and fat content, tomato soup is an amazing option. This delicious soup has absolutely zero carbohydrates and cholesterol. The Tomato soup platter has plenty of antioxidants that help in detox and maintaining your blood oxygen levels. It is luxurious, smooth, creamy, tangy, and full of taste that can mesmerize every food lover.


Another low-calorie and low-carbohydrate soup is minestrone. It is potato, tomatoes, carrot, corn, and a bunch of other healthy seasonal vegetables. As it is loaded with a variety of colorful veggies, it has plenty of nutrients and is also a good way of adding iron, proteins, and fiber to your diet.

Beans soup

If you are a fitness freak and a regular gymer, beans soup is a great addition to your diet. It is low in fat and loaded with protein and fiber. Two bowls of bean soups with your meals are enough to suffice your protein requirements other than supplements. You can also add vegetables to it to make it rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Vegetable and chicken soup

If you are looking for a soup that can replace an entire meal, your quest ends at the chicken and vegetable soup. It has a huge amount of protein to feed your muscles and a high fiber content that keeps your digestive tract healthy and active. It is enough to suffice your meal that pumps your daily workout.

Miso soup

Miso soup is a special Japanese cuisine that includes multiple ingredients that add several flavors and colors to the dish. The soup has a rich combination of seaweeds, tofu, and green onions that make it delicious and luxurious. With seaweeds providing the nutrition of green veggies and tofu serving as a low-fat protein, it is highly preferred as a balanced vegan healthy diet full of nourishment.

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