October 7, 2022
 Review Auto Loans with Consumer Portfolio Services

A dedicated automobile is a dream for many people with old, rundown vehicles that require constant repairs. Unfortunately, lower incomes and an inability to save the full price stop many consumers from getting a better car. Auto loans are invaluable to these consumers and offer an affordable opportunity to improve their lives.

Compare Interest Rates

A consumer with perfect credit scores of 800 or higher qualifies for a 0% interest rate for an auto loan. But, the 0% interest rate lasts around one year, and the only way to get the full benefit of zero interest is to pay off the auto loan before interest is applied.

Now, most consumers won’t have perfect credit scores, and the interest rate assigned to their loan adds more to the loan amount. A careful review of all interest rates available to the customer helps them get the best rates for the loan. Want to review interest rates? Look to Consumer Portfolio Services for answers.

What Actually Affects Your Payment Amount?

Lenders send offers to clients after reviewing the loan application. The total loan amount, the down payment, and the full term of the loan determine how much the customer pays each month on the loan.

The best way to get the lowest loan payment is to extend the loan for the maximum amount, which is normally no longer than five years. Unfortunately, the buyer pays more overall. Comparing the total loan amount to each payment plan helps the client pay less for their automobile.

Which Is Better, a 0% APR or Getting Cash Rebates?

Cash rebates lower the total loan amount, and if auto buyers get cash rebates with a lower interest rate, they save more. In comparison, zero percent interest also generates savings, but the terms of the repayment plan may jack up the total price of the vehicle.

The cash rebates lower the price of the car before interest is applied, and this means clients pay less. Unless the buyer can pay off the whole loan before the zero percent interest runs out, the cash rebates are more affordable.

Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Typically, a new car lasts longer than a used automobile, but in buying a newer vehicle, there is always the risk of flaws and defects. A new automobile line will present flaws in the first releases, and the manufacturer must correct these problems. With a used car, consumers and manufacturers are aware of issues in the models already. If the used automobile was well-maintained, the buyer gets a reliable and structurally sound vehicle.

Buying a Vehicle to Accommodate a Growing Family

Growing families need an automobile that accommodates their needs. SUVs and vans are top choices for these families, and an auto loan must cover the full cost of the vehicle and give the family an affordable rate.

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