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Online food delivery in trains: The benefits of ordering food online while traveling


Online food delivery in trains is a boon for train travelers. It saves time and money that provides convenience and comfort to the railway passengers, allowing them to enjoy the journey without worrying about food arrangements.
All railway passengers should order their food online with Zoop because:

  • The service is available 24/7 throughout the year (except during holidays).
  • You can choose from an extensive menu of dishes at affordable prices with different cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, American or Italian food items along with beverages like juice/coffee/tea, etc., which are delivered right to your train seat on time at your desired railway station along your route.
  • Variety – There are so many options available for you on different websites that offer online food delivery services; ranging from Indian cuisines like tandoori chicken, and butter chicken, etc., Chinese dishes such as noodles or fried rice, etc., and continental cuisines like pizza slices & burgers, etc., desserts like ice creams & pastries, etc., drinks such as juices & sodas, etc.

Benefits of Food Delivery in Trains

The benefits of ordering food online while traveling in train are many. You can save time and money by ordering your favorite dishes from the comfort of your seat, without having to worry about carrying heavy bags around. You also have access to a wider variety of options than what you would find in the train station or at a restaurant there.

  • Convenience: The convenience factor is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people choose to order food online while traveling by train. Instead of having to get off at every next railway station with limited food options, they can simply sit back and relax while their order is being prepared for delivery at their train seats! This means less hassle when it’s time for dinner or lunchtime snacks on long train journeys.
  • Variety – There are so many food options available for online food delivery on the train. Ranging from Indian cuisines like tandoori chicken, butter chicken, etc., Chinese dishes such as noodles, and fried rice, etc., continental cuisines like pizzas & burgers, etc., desserts like ice creams & pastries, etc., and drinks such as juices & sodas, etc.
  • Save Time: Ordering meals from home before leaving means saving both times spent waiting in lines as well as effort spent walking around, getting off at every railway station looking for something quick but tasty instead (which isn’t always available).
  • Saves Money: One of the benefits of online food delivery on trains is it saves money. With no need to pay extra for food while booking your train ticket, you can save a lot of money. You also won’t have to pay for restaurant or take-out fees and delivery fees.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Safety and hygiene measures adopted by restaurant partners of Zoop for food delivery in trains include stringent safety and hygiene protocols, contactless delivery, use of protective gear, and use of disposable packaging. Zoop’s restaurant partners are all FSSAI-certified and IRCTC-approved, which means that you don’t have to worry about your food being prepared in unhygienic surroundings.
  • Quality: The quality of the food is another important benefit of Zoop’s online food delivery in trains. The ingredients used in preparing the meals are fresh, which ensures that you get to enjoy a healthy meal. The chefs who prepare your food are experienced and know how to make delicious meals that taste great every time. You can also be sure that they will use care and attention when making your order so as not to disappoint you!

Types of Food Delivery in Trains

There are different types of online food delivery in trains available to order from Zoop’s restaurant partners. These include:

  • Meals/Thalis – You can order meals, which are complete thalis that include a main course and dessert.
  • Snacks – These are light meals like sandwiches or wraps with sides such as chips or fries.
  • Drinks – You can get soft drinks, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages delivered to your seat on trains.
  • Desserts – If you want something sweet after dinner then this option is perfect for you!

How to Order Food Online in Trains?

To order food online on trains, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of an online food delivery service.
  • Select the city where you want your order delivered and enter your PNR number (which is available on your ticket).
  • Choose your meal from the menu, add any special instructions in case there are any allergies or preferences that need to be taken into account (like vegetarian dishes), then pay using one of their payment options such as credit card or net banking. You also have an option to pay cash on delivery if there’s no other option available for you at that time but it’s not recommended since there are risks involved with carrying large amounts of cash around while traveling by train!

Advantages of Online Food Delivery in Train Service

There are various advantages of ordering food online while traveling. When you order your food online, you can avoid delays in delivery and also get the food delivered at your train seat on time instead of waiting for hours for getting quality food from the vendors at the train station.
As the food is prepared hygienically at the top FSSAI-certified and IRCTC-approved restaurants and then packed with care so that it remains fresh until it reaches its destination without getting spoiled or contaminated during transit. Moreover, there are many options available when compared with other services such as restaurants where only limited items are available on their menu cards or might not deliver at the railway station according to your train’s time schedule whereas, with Zoop, one gets an option to choose anything they want without limits or without worrying about delivery whatsoever! This makes this service cost effective too because one doesn’t need any extra expense apart from what they’ve agreed to while confirming the food order.

Common Challenges Faced Earlier with Online Food Delivery at Railway Stations

You are traveling and you have a craving for some food. You order it online but the train is delayed by an hour or two, hence missing the chance to receive your order or the meal getting cold/bland, which can be annoying if you are hungry and waiting for your meal. The quality of the food may not be up to your expectations either, especially if you have ordered something that is supposed to be spicy but turns out bland instead! And lastly, there might not even be any restaurants nearby from where you could get your food delivery at railway station!


Online food delivery on trains is a great way to get a fresh hot meal while you’re on the go. It’s beneficial because it saves time and money, as you don’t have to get off at the railway station, leave the station, or wait for your meal at a restaurant. If you’re traveling by train, make sure that you order your food on the train online before your trip so that everything will be hassle-free and easy when you are ready to receive your meal at the desired railway station!

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