September 29, 2022
GPD Pocket Mini Laptop

Keeping the processor cool is an essential part of any device. To maintain the processor cool and for limited space, GPD has built-in copper tubes and large diameter tubes to dissipate heat out. It also has a fan to keep the processor cool. This has a varied set of Ports and jacks from USB Type C and USB type A to that of the mini HDMI port. The laptop is charged using a USB Type C port. The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop also has a single speaker that is not that loud but is good enough. The keyboard is windows based keyboard but typing on it not that comfortable considering the keyboard size to be only 7 inches. The laptop lacks any front or back facing webcam, which is a bit disappointing as you would be able to face time on Skype, though you can communicate with the inbuilt speaker and microphone. The GDP Pocket Laptop comes with few sensors built-in like Hall sensor used for position and speed detection and Gravity sensor to detect the orientation of the device.

To summarize this small appliance, GPD Pocket Mini Laptop is an expensive and unique pocket-sized PC. It has some good as well as bad qualities. At $485.19, it quite an expensive gadget to buy, considering other large laptops available in a similar price range. If you look at the pros of the device, you will find it useful if you are traveling a lot, using this small pocket-sized laptop is logical in this case, you get a beautiful and gorgeous display for Full HD 7 inch display, both USB type A and USB type C ports, a mini HDMI port to go with it. But considering its portability, practically it’s not convenient to type using a 7-inch keyboard, and to use a 7-inch display for work like typing or editing is not easy work. You can, of course, and keyboard and mouse to go with, but you have to spend extra money. Considering its price tag and if you are a geek and you are on the move always by traveling a lot, then you can definitely go for it.

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The pocket laptop comes with a USB cable and a power adaptor for charging. There are various types of accessories you can buy to accompany with this Pocket laptop.

  • To cover the exterior, you can purchase a protective leather bag for carrying the device around.
  • You can even buy body cover, which covers the entire body from dust, most important is that you can use it with full potential without having to remove the cover.
  • If you need more than two USB port or a card reader, you can go for Smart Reader Type Chub. This center provides a port for a USB Type C, two USB Type port, a micro SD card reader, and an SD card reader. Just plug it into the device USB Type C port, and it is done.
  • If you are into watching movies or songs, you can buy any Bluetooth speaker as the president of the device is not good, considering it has one speaker.

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