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Everything You Need to Know About MTN Mashup Codes: A Comprehensive Guide


Do you want to get all out of your MTN mobile? If the answer is yes, then it becomes very important for you to know how to subscribe to MTN Mashup! In this blog post, we are going to do a deep dive into all you need to know about the MTN Mashup codes, how do they work and how you can use them to get the best deals. New To MTN Mashup OR Want To Know How Exactly You Can Go About Using It?

What is MTN Mashup?

MTN Mashup is a feature by MTN which permits you to bundle together your data, voice and SMS at discounted rates. It is introduced to ensure strongest customer value proposition, affordable pricing and flexibility to adapt to the different needs of MTN subscribers. With MTN Mashup, create your own offers to suit your communication needs, so you get more of what you pay for.

What is MTN Mashup Code

These are codes that you subscribe your MTN sim card to simply activate the mashup. The codes are quite simple, hence it is easy for users to migrate between various bundles as well as activate a new bundle.

How to Use MTN Mashup Codes

With the MTN Mashup codes this is plain and simple. Follow the steps below to get started:

Tap on the Code: Once again in your phone dial code for MTN Mashup bundle or service that you want to subscribe to.

Using your Remote: Choose your Bundle: Follow the prompts on which bundle or service it is.

Confirm Activation: Confirm your decision to activate this bundle. After you have successfully activated you will receive a confimation message.

E.g order data bundle by dial *567# then follow the flowing prompts until you opt for a Data plan and ask for the confirmation

MTN Mashup Codes

Below are some of the most MTN Mashup codes and their details.

General MTN Mashup code for all bundles is *567#

142#: Special Offers/Promotions 100# – Voice Bundles 200# – Data Bundles 311-Ask Nayax 242#: Shake &Win

Activating Data Bundle Using *131#

*555#: Voice and SMS bundles.

MTN Mashup Bundle Code

The MTN Mashup Bundle Code provides you with data, voice, and SMS services all together in one affordable bundle. This is great code for the users who want all their subscriptions activated without having to switch on multiple bundles separately.

How to Get the Most of MTN Mashup

Use these tips to get the most out of the benefits of MTN Mashup.

Jazz Data tsunami Bundle Remember Your Sufi Saying : Corona Hai Darna Ki Dand E Nahi Sari Consultancy Someone Quote This Guy Data tsunami Bundle Required Your Usage You Usage Data, Voice OR SMS economical Bundle.

Keep Up: Never miss out on new offers and deals

No Overlapping Bundles: Just activate the bundle when your current one is about to expire to avoid wasting it.

Mtn Mashup Vs Other Services

Flexibility and Affordability – What makes MTN Mashup stand out MTN Mashup -When it Comes to shelling out Airtime, Data Compared to other servicesMust Hunters, the MTN Mashup is Really Your ideal Option in Terms of Customization and Cheap Style.

User Experience and Feedback

By and large, the feedback from users of MTN Mashup has been quite positive with some touting the service as cheap and easy to use. Especially the possibility to activate bundles quite conveniently and with a certain range of selection satisfies many users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MTN Mashup code?

The default code for MTN Mashup is *567# Simply type in this code to avail of different offers and services.

2. How To Know Your MTN Mashup Account Balance?

To check your MTN Mashup balance kindy dial *131# and follow up by checking account*balances.

3. Does MTN Mashup Work For International Calls.

Though some of the bundles may feature international call facilities, majority of the local services are primarily covered by MTN Mashup. Please refer the related bundle type for details.

4. How frequent will the new MTN Mashup offers be launched?

Unku R300 Sindika N MTN Mashup Deals: Ovswaidupizanas | R300 | 500MB + 1GB | 3 Days | (*130*From 3152#) | 36ears | NF. Keep an ear to the ground on MTN announcements and dial *142# to see the new promos.

5. How many bundles can I activate?

No hard limit, but you should try to activate bundles depending only on your usage requirements to avoid their overlap and wastage

New Features and Updates

Mashup which is one on the MTN service has been also has continued to be improved with additional features and bundles. They also offer rolling out more changes to their data plans where people can adjust and cheaper rates for people who orders more often. In the future, we can hope for updates to bring even more ability for customization.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Security is of top priority when it comes to MTN Mashup. Your data is protected, all transactions and activations are coded. Besides, they are committed to protecting your personal data and adhere to stringent privacy policies.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Problems and Solutions of MTN Mashup

Activation Failured: Please ensure you have enough balance and network to be connected to.

Overlapping Bundle: Wait for your current bundle to expire before you activate a new one.

Wrong Code – Enter the code again

If your problem continues, contact the MTN support team.


This is a very good service if you are the type of person who likes to bundle their mobile services into pocket-friendly rates. You can save yourself some money by taking advantage of this and choosing the right MTN Mashup codes to tailor your plan to your desire. In other to help help you with it, I will advise you keep this guide to follow for maximum usage of MTN Mashup.


What is MTN Mashup?

MTN MASHUP is a service that enables customers to combine great value data, voice and SMS together into customizable, discounted, monthly or weekly bundle plans.

How Do I Activate An MTN Mashup Bundle?

For MTN Mashup, You will dial the mashup code and follow the prompts to activate.

I) How Many Types of MTN Mashup CodesAdvertisement

Yes, there are some codes for different packages and services *567# for example is for general bundles.

But, are the MTN Mashup plans customization?

For sure,MTN Mashup enables you to personalized even the essence of your package depending on how you communicate keeping you completely in control.

Is MTN Mashup secure?

Sure, MTN only cares about the security of the user and all videos have encrypted transactions, and respect the privacy policies.

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