September 30, 2022

An Interview with Mr. James Hakim the CEO of Curate that is blockchain-primarily based fashion discovery D App, wherein you may have get admission to to designs and trends that trip the style curve.

Q1: It’s terrific to have you with us! Please stroll us thru your precise idea at the back of this curated model which gives you the high-quality of each style and technology?

Ans: thank you! The idea is quite simple. We’re building a DApp (decentralised app) which rewards customers with free BTC and CUR8 for coming across, curating and shopping fashion! We’ve partnered with some of retailers and brands who have opted in to get expanded income, emblem recognition and utilise the curate platform which gives a trustless cozy manner to store, review and find out trending patterns.

Q2: As a pacesetter, how do you carry collectively your small off-shore crew within the equal room, even as working?

Ans: Ha! That’s a very good query and one many founders and marketers have to do properly! For me it’s simple. all of it boils all the way down to understanding my crew individuals interior out, their strengths, weaknesses, character and what drives them. I trust in main from example. by way of being motivational and passionate and inspiring dialogue in our group organizations we’re able to paintings throughout all time zones on curate in a group attempt.

Q3: What are some of the sides that make Curate a desire over other on line fashion shops?

Ans: where do you cross for suggestion? how many sites so you go to earlier than making a purchase? What if Amazon had a committed fashion section for curated trending styles via humans like you and i, and what if they paid you to store from them? nicely in the mean time they don’t however that’s precisely what Curate is. Our team includes main blockchain specialists and builders so we’re assured that even supposing they did, they wouldn’t have some thing on Curate.

q4: As we can see, you’ve got partnered with luxurious manufacturers like LV, Gucci and Prada, upto what volume are they a part of your commercial enterprise?

Ans: we’ve letters of purpose and interest as retail applicants for Curate while we release end of this 12 months. they may be some of our first manufacturers to fill the platform with content to Curate. There interest confirms and validates our USP and is using us ahead.

Q5: wherein do you notice ‘Curate’ 5 years down the road? What provisions do you hold for Curate’s boom?

Ans: 5 years from now our group of 15 will become one hundred fifty, we’ll have places of work in Singapore, Dubai, US, South Africa in addition to our present day places of work in London. Our energetic month-to-month participants will be at three.5 million with a total club of 8 million. we’ve sturdy backing from investors and our current IEO will protect destiny growth and offer scalability no matter what the marketplace can also deliver.

Q6: Sustainability isn’t smooth to place up with, in particular if you are trying to seize a bigger marketplace sphere! How do you propose to handle the challenges that could come your manner all through this manner?

Ans: All things take time and consideration to develop and increase. We’re now not trying to rush the platform and die. We’re searching out robust comfy increase with skilled advisors on our panel to advise and lead us at some stage in this adventure.

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