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How To Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed On Android

First, change the default DNS/Client for the Internet on Android.

How To Find Default DNS

Go to Settings -> Network -> Set Dns Settings On Android (Android 10.1.2 -> 4.2)

Here, you can set up DNS for the Internet. If you don’t have a DNS setup, The Internet will fall back to the default DNS set by Android.

On Android 10.1 I have added IP for my Android. But, on Android 5.0+ devices, you don’t need IP.

On Android, Android NAT Everywhere allows you to configure and manage DNS settings to improve mobile web speeds by up to 8 times.

Here are some steps for increasing your mobile speed by up to 8 times using NAT Everywhere on Android 5.0+ devices:

Use a Virtual IPv4 or Virtual IPv6 router with Android NAT Everywhere (10.2+ devices)

Find the IPv4 IP in DNS settings on your mobile device

Make sure that your IP is in DNS settings on the NAT Everywhere router.

Now, when you access the Internet through your NAT-protected mobile hotspot, your device will get connected to your NAT-protected server. This makes the Internet speed on mobile up to 7 times faster than it is without using NAT Everywhere. To continue to increase mobile speed on Android 5.0+, there are 2 things you can do:

Use the mobile hotspot with Android NAT Everywhere (10.2)

Or use Android NAT Everywhere (10.2 devices) with Android Hotspot Booster

How To Make Android Hotspot Booster Work

Make sure that you have downloaded the correct Android Hotspot Booster app to your mobile device. Use Android Hotspot Booster to make your mobile hotspot faster. Once you have downloaded the correct app on your mobile device, connect it to your hotspot, then run Android Hotspot Booster. This app helps you connect to your hotspot faster.

You can launch Android Hotspot Booster from any compatible mobile network. Android Hotspot Booster can help you connect to your mobile hotspot faster. Hotspot Booster provides you with a “quick list” to connect to your mobile hotspot faster.

Android Hotspot Booster is designed to keep your Android devices connected on a mobile hotspot and optimize your mobile connection speed. It helps you connect to your mobile hotspot faster.

On Android 5.0+, it is important that you select the “Quick List” to connect to your mobile hotspot faster. This makes it possible to connect to your mobile hotspot faster using Android Hotspot Booster.

Android Hotspot Booster app can use 2-step authentication to protect your mobile hotspot.

In addition, this app includes a firewall for preventing unauthorized access to your mobile hotspot. You can lock your mobile hotspot with Android Hotspot Booster.

With Android Hotspot Booster, you can check the “online speed” speed on Android 5.0+. If you need more speed, you can increase your speed further using Android Hotspot Booster.


Using Android Hotspot Booster makes it easier to get more mobile speed on Android. With more mobile speed, you can download more data for mobile data and make your phone even more powerful.

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