September 29, 2022

On a friend’s brand-new 4K Smart TV last weekend, my buddies and I were prepared to play NBA 2K21 all night long. However, his internet connection had other ideas, so we were unable to at all connect the TV to the WiFi.

I noticed a blue light that flashes on the xfinity router continuously. I knew that was code for something specific because I used to be the first person called when there was an internet issue at work practically every time.

We merely had to reset the WPS mode, it turns out after some searching via help docs and manuals. But given how frequent router problems are, I considered creating a thorough troubleshooting manual to spare you the pain.

It is essential to make sure the interface wires and the power plug are properly connected before trying to resume. Unexpectedly many routers that I’ve observed have connections with loose contacts.

The router must be turned on. To restart your search for wireless devices, press the WPS button.

Reset the Xfinity Router gently

If you have experience troubleshooting desktop computers and cellphones, you might have already soft reset the device. Delete any unsaved data from the RAM and clear the cache memory before restarting the device.

We’ll use the same procedures as for restarting the Xfinity router to perform a soft reset. The only exception is when you shut it down by pressing and holding the power button for around 10 seconds. The router drains any remaining power in the circuit before turning off.

A soft reset is different from a hard reset in that it leaves all of the router’s unique settings in place. Your router would be reset hard, putting it back in the condition it was in when it left the factory.

Switch out your splitter

You might be utilising a splitter to connect your cable box and Xfinity router to your coaxial cable outlet if you have both devices. Splitters are a cheap way to connect several devices to a single outlet.

However, one of the main causes of the Xfinity routers’ flashing orange lights is malfunctioning splitters. It prevents a wireless device from making a connection by reducing or interrupting the signal.

If you have a splitter, I advise removing it so that the coaxial line from the wall outlet can be plugged directly into your router. Remove any splitters from the connection and make it direct if there is a modem in the way.

Activate WPS Mode again.

We’ve already discussed what WPS in a router implies, but restarting it starts the pairing process all over again, and you never know—you might be lucky.

Your Xfinity router should have a WPS button on the top. The WPS mode will be restarted by pressing it down. Check your model because some older Xfinity routers include the WPS button on the front panel.

Normally, if your router is unable to couple with another wireless device, it will flicker for roughly five minutes before shutting down. After that, you can try connecting to a another device or restart the WPS mode.

Restore default settings for your network

We’ll hard reset the Xfinity router to its default settings as a last resort. The username and password will then revert to those shown on the router’s label, which is unfortunate because you will lose your personalised Wi-Fi settings.

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