September 27, 2022

Flutter is the platform you choose to build your mobile application – halfway there! What should you do if you need to estimate the Flutter app development cost and plan everything financially?

Researching and calculating everything can be time-consuming. Surf mobile app developers, team leaders, and product managers have all experienced it many times. With our expertise, data, and 10-year experience, we can help you build the app you want without wasting money.

Learn about what goes into a Flutter app cost, which expenses are essential, and how to estimate the approximate cost based on the type of application.

Approximated Cost of the Flutter App

Despite what you may think, it is impossible to name an average price for an app: the cost can vary by thousands of dollars depending on the type of app you need and how it should be calculated.

A simple e-commerce app will cost you about $10,000, a complex messenger will cost you about $20,000. Prepare to spend more if you’re developing a banking app.

We’ll explore what factors can affect Flutter app development cost below.

Development Expenses Structure of Flutter App

In this section, we will discuss the main expenses related to Flutter app development.

Wages or rates for the staff

App developers receive the biggest cut of the pie in the mobile app development industry.

Typically, Flutter app development teams include 5-7 specialists, including:

  • Developers
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Product manager

You’ll need 200 hours or more of developers’ time to build a simple app. Alternatively, you can use an in-house or an outsourced team who will work full time for two to three months. You can calculate the amount of money you’ll be paying your staff by multiplying the hourly rate or salary by the number of months spent on the development.

Cost of Tools and Flutter Licences

Flutter is free. But there may be some other tools for which you will need to pay. We can calm you down if you want to know how much it costs.

Here are a few tools you will need.

  • IDE:A program for creating applications. According to the developers we asked, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and XCode are the preferred development environments for Flutter. Each of these is free. It might be necessary to pay for some
  • Integration:For example, to implement an in-app subscription, you could use RevenueCat rather than writing thousands of lines of code.
  • Analytics tools:Google Analytics for Firebase, for example, is part of Firebase, a platform for app development. Besides tracking and reporting about 500 events, it also collects data about the behaviour of users within the apps.

Technical Products

You must provide quality technical equipment, such as productive computers with the latest technology, to your in-house team if you decide to hire one.

Apple developers are the ideal choice: MacOS is pre-designed for iOS and Android app development since they all are part of the Unix family (while Windows is not).

iMacs and MacBooks are often preferred by developers, as we have asked. It costs about $1,300 to purchase a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro 2020.


Your app is not only loved by the users because of its functionality, but also because of its design. You need a UX/UI designer if you want the interface to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Designing an app can take anywhere between 20 to 300+ hours, depending on the complexity. A designer’s rate is between $20/hr and $60/hr.

Cost of Maintenance and Support

Server space is needed for storing data, performing user requests, and maintaining the overall functionality of the app. Dedicated or cloud servers can be used.

It is generally cheaper and easier to start or host small projects on cloud servers. Depending on the technical characteristics and service options, server usage can cost anywhere from $5/month to $150/month.

Make sure that the provider is both reliable and fast. An app will take longer to load if the server performance is poor. The server may have security vulnerabilities or even leak user data if it is not very reliable.

As your company grows, you would be better off with a dedicated server: it would be more secure and reliable if you are the only user who can access it. A dedicated server does, however, entail some additional costs in addition to the server itself. The servers will need to be placed in a facility, and they’ll need to be maintained by a specialist — a server administrator. Server administrators earn between $60,000 and $80,000 annually; their hourly rates are between $40-60.

Your app will scale, and you will have to develop, design, and test new features. If you understand the overall sum, you should add 15-20% to it.

Send to App Stores

If you have developed your app, you should release it on an app distributing platforms like the App Store or Google Play: this is a proven method for reaching your potential users. To publish an app on the platform, you’ll need a developer account; it’s a paid subscription. Furthermore, platforms may take a cut of subscription purchases made in the app.

What Affects the Cost of Flutter App Development

Adding or reducing the cost of Flutter app development can add up to the following:

  • Feature complexity

A Flutter app’s cost is mainly determined by how many features it has and how complex it is. The complexity of the features will determine the time needed, the developer you will have to hire, as well as many other factors. Additionally, you will need to decide whether you will develop the feature from scratch or rely on integrations to reduce coding.

There are relatively simple features, such as creating an account for a streaming service or subscribing to a channel: these can take about 20 hours to implement. The integration of a payment system, for example, usually takes more than 60 hours and requires a high level of mastery and accuracy.

It is possible to develop a complex app within reasonable timeframes with a skilled team. Within just four months, Surf has created a service similar to YouTube, The Hole.

  • Location of the team

Your biggest expense on a Flutter app development is the salary of your team members. In addition to paying for the employees’ insurance, sick leave, and more, if you have an in-house team that works full time.

By outsourcing or hiring freelancers, these costs can be reduced. Freelancers’ rates are determined by their country of residence. According to the following freelance Flutter developer hourly rates as of February 2021, for example:

  • US: $75-85
  • Asia: $45
  • Europe: $50-70

To keep costs down and keep quality high, we suggest you consider Eastern European firms and developers – their countries have become popular destinations for those seeking a real professional at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Flutter?

  • Suitable for multiple platforms

Flutter’s greatest advantage is that the codebase can be used to build and launch apps for up to six different platforms. Companies can now hire a single development team to handle the tasks of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

This will result in lower development costs. App development time will also be shortened. A startup that cannot build apps natively may find Flutter useful.

Generally speaking, programmers find that coding is complex enough; they always welcome innovations that simplify their work without dumbing it down.

Native app development requires that development teams use different codebases for each operating system on which the app will run. Designing a self-adapting app using a single codebase seems more convenient.

  • Better performance

A notable feature of Flutter is hot reloading. An app (whether iOS or Android) must first be compiled and then loaded onto the device to be reviewed.

By contrast, developers using a hot reload can observe their code changes in real-time while they are being made; that is, without the hassle of restarting their programs. Tests can be performed more easily as well.

  • Community and support at Google

Flutter is growing rapidly, and mobile developers all over the world are gaining trust in it. As well, Google offers regular updates and community platforms to support programmers.

Moreover, the fact that it’s backed by a company like Google makes it a huge plus. The Flutter community has several officials as well as unofficial forums for coders to connect, interact with, and learn from one another.

Costs of Developing Flutter Apps

You can estimate the average development time for the most common features of streaming apps and e-commerce websites. As a benchmark, you can use these numbers to determine the cost of your app development.


Developing mobile apps has never been easier or more affordable. With Flutter, you can already build apps for multiple platforms at the same time at half the cost.

You must nevertheless maintain vigilance to use your budget judiciously and avoid waste. Hiring an agency with skilled Flutter developers will significantly reduce how much your next Flutter app development costs.

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