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How is water saved?

By putting a positive spin on the ending. It could be described in many ways, such as saving water or saving a life. I see it as life saving – it saves us from the consequences of water shortage in the future, and saves the world from further water wars. Best method to water saved.

The water saved here could save millions of lives in future. Or it could save a child from the agony of wasting precious water, in a desert nation, on a daily basis. Or it could save a drought stricken nation from the ravages of water shortage.

How is water saved?

As a Frequent Traveler from Overseas to a Number of African Countries

I have witnessed how poverty can lead to disasters of all sorts. Not being able to afford drinking water or bathing with it, can prove to be very dangerous, for the most vulnerable people.

Today, millions of people worldwide do not have access to clean water, in places that do not require electricity, for the storage of water. How is this possible, in an age, when cheap and easy energy is available everywhere?

How is water saved?

How is it that many countries, in Africa and the Middle East, are confronted with the seemingly impossible challenge of providing clean water to the people, while simultaneously, having to fight against drought, and other emergencies?

In our world, we have fast fashion, fast food, fast internet, fast housing, fast everything – sometimes, all at the same time.

How is it that we survive on this kind of environment?

How is water saved?

How is it that the poorer parts of the world. Where only water has been available, are supposed to cope, with the steady depletion of the planet’s resources?

Maybe, some could survive, on the stuff left on the roof. Where many people have a permanent shelter – since electricity is far too expensive to be used in any of the facilities, that usually serve saved water.

How can the provision of water save lives in a world. Where the money that would be needed for its upkeep, is beyond reach of all those that need it?

The answer can be found in the water saving techniques. That are being adopted on a daily basis, in different parts of the world. We have long forgotten, what water can do for us. When we no longer have to consume water, but can use it to provide the most essential services.

How Does this Help us, in Our Fight Against Water Shortages?

How is water saved?

How is it that the changing lifestyle, of the people in the world. Moving the focus from water saving to water saving how?

We don’t need to go further than the countless families in Africa that have to save water. The most of the time, from their relatives that are living in far away countries. I see it as a blessing for the survival of their families. When the ‘water saving’ is done by a fellow human, with a very simple way.

That is Saving Water.

How is water saved?

How is it that every day. When the families in this remote region reach a little, remote city or a small village. They bring with them a ‘water saving kit’, that helps the locals. During the time that they share the precious water with them?

For those in the Middle East that live a subsistence lifestyle. The easiest way to have water readily available for you, is to install water tanks on the roofs.

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