October 7, 2022

Converting PDF files to PowerPoint documents for free is fast and straightforward, and only takes a few clicks.

Click the Download button for a new PDF. A blank PDF will download on the desktop, or, for faster, drag and drop it into the PowerPoint window to convert.

Click to enlarge the following PowerPoint file:

The PowerPoint document will automatically display in the correct formatting within PowerPoint. If the current setup is a tad messy, click the Options button and choose File > Make Documents Better, or click Insert > Duplicate Content to instantly create a new document. From there, you can convert the current PDF into a New PowerPoint file for free.

Free to upgrade: Get a free upgrade to premium features.

What else would you like to know about converting PDF files to PowerPoint documents? Here’s a great infographic from Mickey Topping that shows which file types support the conversion tool.

P.S. Learn more about the free tool that made converting PDFs to PowerPoint a snap.

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