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How do I convert a PDF to PowerPoint for free?

Converting PDF files to PowerPoint documents for free is fast and straightforward, and only takes a few clicks.

Click the Download button for a new PDF. A blank PDF will download on the desktop, or, for faster, drag and drop it into the PowerPoint window to convert.

Click to enlarge the following PowerPoint file:

The PowerPoint document will automatically display in the correct formatting within PowerPoint. If the current setup is a tad messy, click the Options button and choose File > Make Documents Better, or click Insert > Duplicate Content to instantly create a new document. From there, you can convert the current PDF into a New PowerPoint file for free.

Free to upgrade: Get a free upgrade to premium features.

Mark Miller, a software developer for a local firm, recently highlighted how to convert Microsoft Word documents into PDFs for free from an email message on his personal blog, justbidding.com. The guide shows how to convert most MS Word files into PDFs.

The instructions go a little beyond just inserting the necessary page breaks, and closing the pages, and the conversion has to be exported to a PDF file. The instructions also cover how to convert PDFs to Word-formatted Word documents for Microsoft Office Outlook. There are also two other methods to convert PDFs using Office apps. One is to copy the PDF and paste it into a PowerPoint template. However, some tools will also do this.

What else would you like to know about converting PDF files to PowerPoints documents? Here’s a great infographic from Mickey Topping that shows which file types support the conversion tool.

P.S. Learn more about the free tool that made converting PDFs to PowerPoint a snap.

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