September 27, 2022

Eating disorders and genetic or environmental influences may cause obesity in healthy individuals. Such obesity can be an obstacle to achieving an active and fulfilling life. While treatments are available, most people prefer natural cures instead.

With the help of a delta 10 cartridge, users can control their appetite and consume healthy amounts. Though Delta 10 isn’t yet a standalone medicine, it can act as a supplement and help in your healing process. 

What Is Delta 10 THC?

If you’re not new to cannabis products, you may have heard of products like THC or even Delta 8. But out of all products, Delta 10 is one of the lesser-known due to its recent popularity. Delta 10 is a kind of THC different from Delta 9 and Delta 8 in molecular structure.

Due to a slight difference, Delta 10 has multiple distinct features apart from the classic THC benefits. Due to the same, Delta 10 is also milder than Delta 8 and 9. It does not have the same overwhelming effect, but it gives a calm high to users.

It is the perfect THC type to curb anxiety while still being euphoric and slightly psychoactive. Since Delta 10 can come from industrial hemp plants, it is legal in many regions. Consequently, you can find many Delta 10 products like vape pens, rolls, oil, gummies, etc.

What Are The Main Contributors To Obesity?

Obesity is when a patient gains excessive weight harmful to the body. This weight gain can be gradual or rapid, genetic or environmental, and it has many variations. However, obesity in most people comes and grows due to unbalanced eating habits.

Excessive cravings, irregular meals, large amounts at once, and more such habits may add to obesity even if they don’t cause it. Hence, curbing obesity requires the person to remove such actions and inculcate healthier ones instead.

Additionally, the user can make efforts to reduce weight by working out, sleeping well, etc. In their journey to a fitter self, Delta 10 can provide added assistance and help achieve the goals. Extensive studies on sister components have already found cannabis an ideal supplement for such issues.

Can Delta 10 THC Reduce Obesity?

Even though Delta 10 is less intense than Delta 9 THC, its health benefits are no less. If anything, the mildness in the psychoactive symptoms benefits the user further. Hence, they can enjoy the same health effects without feeling overwhelmed.

Delta 10 has numerous health benefits like reducing pain, alleviating anxiety, etc. However, we will only look at those relevant for people struggling with obesity. So here are some Delta 10 effects which may help reduce obesity symptoms and causes:

Curbs Excess Food Cravings

Random food cravings with no end are often the biggest culprits for obese patients. These cravings don’t have a specific cause and can come at any time of the day. But Delta 10 can help curb such cravings if you’re not hungry.

Eating when you’re hungry and at times of meals can help reduce hunger later on. It can help stimulate your appetite when you’re hungry and stop the craving when you’re full. Research works have also approached cannabis and snacking and found it helpful.

Increases Energy

Constant workouts and physical activities need loads of energy to carry out. Obesity can sometimes cause lethargy and further hinder the user from being active. But to give an energy boost and kickstart your workout routine for the days.

Delta 10 THC doesn’t give you an intense surge of energy after consumption. Instead, you would feel your energy levels growing slowly but surely. It would be mild but still enough to keep you active throughout your day.

Reduces Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and mental health problems can be the cause or symptoms of obesity. Excess anxiety or sadness can lead to overeating and more weight. Similarly, excess weight and overeating may lead to many mental health issues.

Whatever the type, such mental issues only worsen the patient’s condition. Thankfully, Delta 10 THC can curb such anxiety and sadness. It is perhaps the best THC type to help with nervousness and depression.

How Can Delta 10 Help People With Obesity?

Maintains An Ideal Sleep Cycle

Sleeping might seem insignificant in an issue like obesity, but it isn’t. Sleep cycles are one of the most overlooked habits in most illnesses. Ample sleep and a schedule can make your health better overall.

Delta 10 supplements, though energizing, can also be sedating. Slightly altered doses can lull you to sleep in no time and keep you asleep. Fulfilling your daily sleep quota can improve your mental and physical health, thus reducing obesity.

Gives A Mood Boost

Obese people face lots of criticism and negativity due to their illness. Though obesity is an illness like any other, people do not think twice before making harsh comments about patients. Such words can harm the self-perception of these individuals.

A negative image of themselves brings sadness which only adds to the problem. Using Delta 10 can give the users a better mood every day. Though it won’t change their problems, it would help them get through them with a smile.

How To Dose Your Delta 10 Cartridges?

Dosing is crucial in every cannabis product as the amount makes or breaks its benefits. If you take a small dose, you might not experience all its positive effects. On the other hand, if you take an overdose, you might face overwhelming adverse effects.

Products like Delta 10 gummies and capsules are easy to dose. Since these tiny bites come pre-dosed, you only have to take one or two at a time.

However, dosing products like Delta 10 vape pens or oils is trickier. While using vapes, you can begin with one or two puffs and wait for at least an hour. Similarly, you can take one to two drops of Delta 10 oil. After the wait, if the effects are still mild, you can increase the dose gradually.


Delta 10 THC has emerged as a superior THC product in the market. Due to its balanced effects on users, they enjoy using Delta 10 carts, gummies, and more. Many users have also used it to regulate their appetite and maintain a healthy routine.

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