September 27, 2022

High Performance NBA Stars And Their Side Hustles

NBA players, especially its biggest stars, make seriously big bucks from their adventures on the court. Their service to their teams isn’t the only way some of them keep the dollars rolling in, however, as sponsorship deals, partnership deals and more come to their way brands looking to associate themselves with some of the finest players in the game.

These deals themselves aren’t the only way players generate additional cash for themselves.

Several players have side hustles going, as much because they wish to pursue their own interests outside of the game as to bring in further income. Here are some players who have money-spinning projects off the court:

Kevin Durant: Venture capitalist

Durant will be hoping to win his third championship in 2022, and the NBA lines suggest he’s on course to do it, while he may be a hot shot on the basketball court, he’s also one in the investment world. The Brooklyn Nets forward own his own venture capital firm, Thirty-Five Investments, and has invested in around 50 different start-ups since 2017. He’s reported most of his investments to be between $250,000 and $1 million.

Kevin Durant High-Performance NBA Stars

Durant as certainly grown good at the investment game. One platform in which he invested, Coinbase, hit the public markets with a gargantuan valuation of $86 billion, reported Fox Business online. At one point, an investment of $250,000 in 2017 was later worth around $13.5 million when the stock exchanges closed for the day.

Stephen Curry: Tv Show Host And Media Mogul

When Stephen Curry isn’t on duty as a guard for the Golden State Warriors, you’ll likely find him in front of a TV camera. Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter and other online sources informed internet browsers that the basketball star, along with his wife, would front a revamp of the classic TV game show in which celebrity couples tell revealing titbits about their relationships.

Stephen Curry: Tv Show Host And Media Mogul

The program won’t be Curry’s first foray into television. In fact, he co-founded the company Unanimous Media in 2018, which creates on TV and digital media content while focusing on themes of family, faith and sport. His show “Holey Moley,” an extreme mini golf competition series, has been a hit with audiences. Curry himself is a lover of mini golf.

Lebron James: Tv And Film Producer

LA Lakers star LeBron James is the hottest property in basketball. Like Stephen Curry, he’s also gone down the media route, but works on projects behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera (with the exception of the Space Jam sequel, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”).

Lebron James NBA Star

LeBron James is one of the founders of Springhill Company, which has developed and produced media projects for Netflix, Apple+, HBO, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN, according to the company’s website. While on the website, you can also browse clothing by the brand of LeBron and his business partner, James Maverick, Uninterrupted.

Setting up the company is a move that’s believed will make James a billionaire.

Chris Paul: Professional Bowling Team

Chris Paul may be handy with a basketball for his team, the Phoenix Suns, but swap it for a bowling ball and he’s still as sharp. So much so, in fact, that he set up his own professional bowling team. Paul spent a lot of time in the bowling alleys as a child, as his father introduced him to the game.

Chris Paul Professional Bowling Team NBA Star

Paul loves bowling so much that he’s even teamed up with the Professional Bowlers Association to create a charity bowling tournament, the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational. In the event, athletes, entertainers and professional bowlers team up to compete in order to benefit the Chris Paul Family Foundation. LeBron James and ex Seattle Seahawks star Terrell Owens are two big names to have taken part in the event.

Rick Fox: Actor

Former player Rick Fox, who served the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers during his time on the court, put his degree to use during his time in the NBA and has gone on to star in numerous TV series and movies since his retirement from the game.

Rick Fox: Actor

Fox graduated from North Carolina University in Radio, Television and Motion Sciences, before joining the Boston Celtics and later, because of their proximity to Hollywood, the LA Lakers. While still playing with the Lakers, he starred in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” as Chick Deacon, and also in TV series “Oz” as a prison inmate.

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