September 30, 2022

The Amazon or Fire TV boot-up logos on Fire TV devices can occasionally fail to load, resulting in an infinite loop of the logos. Sadly, if this occurs on your device, it usually implies the Fire TV is broken beyond repair. Plugging the Fire TV into the USB port of a TV is a bad idea because this is most likely to happen if the Fire TV is turned off at the wrong time. Before you give up on your Fire TV, here are the steps to take to see if you can cure the firestick not turning on issues.

The first option is to unplug all of the devices.

I know many of you have already done this, but in case you haven’t, disconnect your Fire TV from the power source and the HDMI cable altogether. After letting it sit for at least five minutes without being connected, re-plug everything in.

Use the power adapter that came with your device

If you have a Fire TV Stick stuck in your TV’s USB port, it’s possible that it isn’t getting enough power, which could explain why it is stuck. Even though your TV’s US port worked perfectly in the past, this could still be the case. Connect the power cable that came with the Fire TV Stick to the included power adapter. Try using any phone USB charger you have if you can’t find or don’t have the original power adapter.

Changing the cable and power adapter is the third solution.

The problem may be caused by a malfunctioning micro USB cable or power adapter for the Fire TV Stick. Buying a new cable or power adapter isn’t worth the money if the problem persists, but if you happen to have another micro USB cord lying around, changing it out with the one currently linked to the Fire TV Stick may help. In addition, see if you happen to have a USB power adaptor lying around. Any phone charger and any micro USB cable should work. While you’re about it, you might as well try a different power outlet or power strip.

Factory reset can be done remotely.

The Fire TV will initiate a factory reset if you hold down the RIGHT and BACK buttons on your remote simultaneously for around 10 seconds. Check out this diagram if you’re unsure which buttons are the RIGHT and BACK buttons. Because the Fire TV needs to be booted up to detect remote controls, this technique is only effective if the Fire TV has reached that point. This method is unlikely to work because your device is stopped at the boot screen, but it’s worth a go. Start the gadget, wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the buttons for another 10 seconds to observe what happens. To try again if it doesn’t, increase the initial count by 5 seconds for each subsequent attempt. The second time, you would count 10 seconds after turning on the Fire TV, hold the remote buttons for 10, and then wait for 10 minutes. On the third attempt, you would count 15 seconds, hold the buttons for 10 seconds, and then wait for 10 seconds, and so on and so forth. In order to get the remote to work, you’re trying to press down the buttons for as long as possible while the Fire TV is still able to connect to it.

Waiting a long time is the fifth solution.

During bootup, there is a possibility that your Fire TV is trying to perform a long-running process. Turn on your Fire TV and let it sit at the stuck logo for as long as possible, at least for a few hours.

Using a USB keybaord, you can do a factory reset.

It’s worth a chance, especially if you already have everything you need, to see if this approach works for you. A USB keyboard will be required to test this out. This implies you’ll need an OTG cable if you’re using a Fire TV Stick. However, if you already have a way of connecting a USB keyboard, then you can try this approach for a factory reset. I don’t advocate spending money to try this method because it is quite possible that it will not work.

Amazon can be contacted here.

As a last resort, if you’ve exhausted all other options, you’ll need to contact Amazon to request a new device. Many customers have been able to acquire a new Fire TV for free, even if their current device is out of warranty and has beyond its useful life. The customer support representatives at Amazon will likely need to walk you through some of the processes outlined above even if you have already tried them. If Amazon won’t give you a discount on a replacement device, insist on a free replacement.

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