September 30, 2022
Do you know about shuttle racks

With the booming development of modern high technology, the development of all walks of life has taken a big leap forward, especially in the logistics and warehousing industry, the demand for racks is becoming more and more widespread. In modern warehousing high consumption of cold storage, more a need to configure high-quality racks, and shuttle racks belong to the high-end storage racks, ideal for storage work in cold storage. The following is an all-around introduction to high-density intelligent shuttle racking by Xinmiao.

First of all, what is a shuttle rack?

Shuttle racking is an upgraded racking system of traditional dense storage racking (drive-in racking, push-back racking, gravity flow racking, mobile racking, etc.). It integrates the advantages of a wide range of racking, featuring the high storage capacity of traditional dense storage racking, but also allowing for automated control requirements. It can be used in conjunction with shuttles, trolleys, four-way trucks, forklifts or stacker cranes to provide higher storage density than push-back racking and gravity racking, and also allows flexible FIFO or FIFO functions depending on the actual situation. Semi-automatic and fully automatic storage is freely available, making it the best choice for short-term storage.

Working principle of shuttle racking.

Stocking: the goods will be placed at the very front of the racking aisle rails by a forklift truck and then the loaded pallets can be made to run on the rails by operating the mobile shuttle by radio remote control.

Pick-up: The shuttle will move the pallets from the depths of the racking to the very front of the racking and then the pallets and goods will be taken off the racking by a forklift truck.

Mobile shuttle cars: shuttles are placed in different aisles by forklift trucks, and several aisles can share a single shuttle. The number of shuttles is determined by the total volume of goods, the volume of shipments, the depth of the aisle, the frequency of shipments and other comprehensive conditions. Such a warehouse solution consists of several racks, shuttle cars and control systems, and can achieve a space utilization rate of more than 80%!

Advantages of shuttle racking.

  1. flexible operation, goods can be accessed in a first-in-first-out manner or first-in-last-out.
  2. High-density storage, and high warehouse utilization.
  3. High safety factor, reducing collisions between racks and forklifts, increasing safety productivity.
  4. High working efficiency, greatly reducing operational waiting time.
  5. Relatively low lighting requirements, less overall investment compared to other types of racking.

Scope of application of shuttle racks.

  1. Cold storage operations: reduce low temperature working time, improve work efficiency and operational safety
  2. Multiple quantities and few samples: food, beverage, chemical, tobacco and other industries with large single-variety batches and relatively single items
  3. Increase storage capacity: storage space is limited, and the need to maximize the use of space in warehouses
  4. Period management: warehouses with strict requirements for batches of items and the need for FIFO management

The core component of shuttle racking: the shuttle car

Shuttle car: shuttle car is a kind of intelligent robot operating on the track, which can realize the tasks of access, inventory and placement under the control of the system, and can communicate with the upper computer or WMS system or be controlled by the handheld terminal, combined with the application of RFID, barcode and other technologies to achieve automatic identification, automatic access and other functions.

Scope of application of shuttle car.

Shuttle car type storage system, in fact, in principle, is an aisle that can only place a kind of goods (SKU), when encountering special circumstances (here refers to the two ends of access, first in, last out), an aisle can be placed two kinds of goods, therefore, this system is more in line with the single species of a larger number of goods.

Extended applications for the shuttle cars.

Multi-directional shuttle: the biggest advantage of a multi-directional shuttle is that it can run on both horizontal and vertical tracks, while access and horizontal movement of goods can be done independently by a shuttle, thus greatly increasing the all-around automation of the system.

Child and mother cars: the mother car runs on the transverse track and automatically identifies the working aisle before the child car carries out the access work.

Coordination of shuttle cars with stacker cranes.

The stacker crane automatically identifies the shuttle car and allocates the working aisle. It is the shuttle car that accesses the goods in the aisle and then the stacker crane that completes the in/out operation, thus achieving fully automatic access and system management, which increases the utilization rate of the warehouse.

In and out a system for shuttle cars.

The shuttle car access system is easy to understand, it is part of the automated three-dimensional warehouse system, by the rail dolly to complete the goods access operations, and then with the stacker crane to complete the storage operations. In fact, this type of shuttle is also known as RGV.

Applications of shuttle racks in combination with cold storage

If you are looking for a supplier of intelligent shuttle racks, I suggest you contact Xinmiao, who has nearly twenty years of experience in storage solutions. As shuttle racking is different from ordinary pallet racking, it is more technically difficult, not only in the design and installation of the racking, but it also needs to be equipped with a comprehensive computerized storage control system to ensure the operation of the whole system, so it needs a professional storage solution provider to provide you with.

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