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How to Design a Network: 6 Best Practices for Success

Each computer connected to a network can communicate with every other computer and exchange data in real-time, allowing groups or organizations to finish their duties and share information quickly. Networks are essential to businesses because they make it easier to carry out numerous computer-based operations. Every organization is different, so it must make sure that the network architecture meets all its requirements.

What Is Network Design?

Network design, commonly referred to as network topology, entails planning and outlining the IT network infrastructure to satisfy the unique needs of the organization. Disentangling the many network design requirements is a part of this process, as is coming up with a feasible plan that satisfies the requirements and can be put into action. Network design is crucial since each organization’s computer network has different requirements.

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How To Design a Network?

More efficient commercial operations and more streamlined IT procedures come from creating a workable network for your business. The first five steps in network design are as follows:

Write down network requirements

Depending on the size of the organization and the accompanying network operations, different networks have different requirements. If all of an organization’s network users are located on the same floor, a local area network (LAN) is required; otherwise, the network must span many floors. A college area network (CAN) or wide area network (WAN) would be needed if the network had to extend across an entire campus or even several miles.

Choose necessary devices

Network servers, routers, modems, firewalls, and a solid internet connection are necessary for integrating hardware and software into your network. Since compatibility is crucial, choosing the right operating system, programs, and computer models that will connect to the network should also be considered. The performance of these gadgets and programs may have an impact on the network. Therefore, compatibility between them is essential.

Decide the type of network topology

There are various sorts of network topologies, and selecting the right one makes sure that the network meets the needs of the organization and promotes effective operations. Ring, star, bus, mesh, and tree, among other topologies, may be used or modified to match the organization’s own network specifications. There are topology types that can be tailored to match the requirements of the organization, regardless of the network requirements.

Map out network connections

Planning the necessary network connections is a good idea. To ensure the success of the network and avoid connectivity issues, it is crucial to consult with a network specialist who can examine and map out the necessary connections.

Create a plan for successful design implementation

Start getting ready for the network design’s integration into the IT environment as soon as it is finished. A properly implemented network design is beneficial to your company. Utilise Gorelo’s network monitoring tools to keep an eye on the network’s performance once it has been put into place to make sure it is operating properly.

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Best practices for network design

Here are six best practices for network architecture in your company:


The greatest network designs have connections that are obvious and straightforward, and each component has a designated function. It is imperative to refrain from including extraneous parts or connections that could make network setup, use, and maintenance requirements more difficult. The network structure can be made easier to operate and maintain as necessary.


To protect the network of your company, firewalls must be installed. You can monitor and stop nefarious incoming and outgoing traffic on your network endpoints using firewalls. Numerous firewalls can be needed, depending on the size of the organization, though sometimes just one would do.


It is advised that you write down the network architecture and keep a copy of it in your IT files. Along with other pertinent network configuration and operational instructions, company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) should also be written. This facilitates network operation and restoration in the event of network changes, fixes, outages, or during a complete disaster recovery of the IT environment.

Consider scalability

Scaling your network is essential to meet your company’s expanding demands as your organization grows. The network’s functional architecture should be planned to meet the organization’s immediate needs while remaining adaptable enough to change as your business expands in the future.


It is advised that you routinely check your network to ensure that all of your devices are accurately operating. Continuous active monitoring is advantageous since it provides accurate visibility of strong and weak network locations. By quickly identifying network regions that need special attention, problems may be quickly fixed and the organization’s documentation can be updated. You can ensure maximum network uptime and effectiveness by doing this.

Make changes as needed

It should be remembered that just because a network design has been finalized does not make it unchangeable. Performance can be enhanced by changing any components of the network design that are discovered to be insufficiently functional.

With Network Design, Lay A Strong Foundation For Your IT Infrastructure

Designing a network is an essential first step in building a useful network for your company. A reliable network design may be created with the help of qualified network experts, careful planning, and preparation.

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