September 27, 2022

Cheating sex and revenge sex are not new phenomena. It has existed for centuries. It is not a new invention of the newest generation or something. People have feelings, and people fuck. They have, they are, and they will. And when you hurt people, you get revenge!

What is cheating sex?

People get it in a different way. A proper definition would be impossible to be given. However, we can conclude the usual case. This is when you are in a relationship, but you have had enough. Enough arguments, enough cries, enough everything negative. And you want a quick, easy and pleasurable ending to this nightmare! You feel hurt and exhausted, and you kind of deeply want to make your so-called partner feel the same way. This is the moment for cheat-on sex!

How do we do it?

First of all, you pick a partner. Usually, every person would work for a fuck. But if you really want to see the pain in your ‘partner’, you have to pick this once-a-fuck person wisely. You want them to be a person who is close but not too close to your ‘partner’.
What is very specific about cheating sex is that there is a difference between just being an asshole and cheat and cheating sex.  To cheat is something that you want to hide in secret. You do not want your partner to know about this bad choice. On the other hand, cheat-on sex is an act that you want to show off to your partner! You want them to catch you in action or to see a record or a photo. It is not a matter of preference to tell them or not. It is in the nature of the practice to make sure that they know!
You can organize a little scene in order to make it clear.  If they are coming home from work at 6 pm, then make sure that you and your cheater are at home at 5 pm and start having sex on the kitchen table, for example, a quarter an hour before your partner comes in. Or in your own bedroom. To make it even more humiliating. For more specific cheating sex videos you can check online at PornOne.
Telling your once-a-fuck partner is not mandatory. You can choose whether you want them to know about what is going on or not. Our only advice is that you are absolutely clear that the only thing of interest for you in this game you are playing is the sex, and not a relationship if this is the case!

What is revenge sex?

Once again, this is a notion quite vague due to the fact that people have different concepts of what it is really. We can only speak of the common case! It is either sex you want to hurt your ex with because they had hurt you already or an act of sexuality that you want to hurt a random person who has been acting inappropriately with you.

Why do we do it?

It is usually just revenge. You want that person to suffer the same way that you suffered. In other cases, it is just suppressed emotions getting on top of the surface, and you want to continue suppressing them. Some might say that this is a losing strategy, but eve our grandmas will say, ‘You cannot get over somebody without going under somebody else!’ So, this is quite a common coping mechanism!
It is not to mention that as a coping mechanism, this is a great way to show your anger without actually physically hurting somebody. Still, you are rather pleasuring both yourself and your once-a-fuck partner.

How do we do it?

Again, picking up your partner wisely is the core of the practice. In most cases, you want this once-a-fuck partner to be close to your ex, but not too close as this is almost impossible. Sadly, sisterhood and brotherhood relations between people are strong bonds that can hardly be ruined…This would be the real gem to hit for the big cry! And if they feel super macho most of the time, why  not trying lesbian sex, just to show them, that you can pick a beautiful woman better than him!
Another thing that is common with cheating fuck is that it has to be obvious. You have to slap your ex with the fact that you are fucking their friend in your new place. This will clearly show them that you are doing great without them, and the bang is even better!

Why is revenge sex good for you!

  1. Coping
    As we already mentioned above, this is a great coping mechanism! It can help you move on to another person. And it is also a great way to vent some aggression without physically harming somebody. You can feel in control of this situation when you do not really know what is going on with your feelings and emotions!
  2. A way to be well!
    It is a massive show-off that you are better off somebody! Moving on is sometimes not enough. Sometimes you want to bring it in their face and see that their desire for you to be desperate is not coming true!
  3. A booster
    It is not only a booster for your time to pass by and for you to move on. It is only a well-known fact that this is great for your self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to be feeling needed and desired! And this is the reason why this is such a confidence booster!

After all, it is not excluded that revenge fuck and cheating sex are the same in some specific situations! There is nothing wrong to give that little cunt proper revenge if they deserve it! You deserve to see them desperate! Take advantage of this nasty practice now and start having revengeful sex tonight!

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