September 27, 2022

Several types of government employee car insurance are applicable to those who work for the state government.

That is why as a state employee, you can access some discounts on your car insurance. 

car insurance discounts

Today you will know everything you need about car insurance discounts for federal employees and other state employees.


Several car insurance discounts are aimed mainly at government and federal employees. 

Some insurance companies in the United States offer discounts and other benefits to all government employees, whether municipal, state or federal.

USPS GEICO discount is an example of this. But this is not a strict compliance rule for auto insurance companies.

There are many examples of car insurance for federal employees or state employees.

The workers that may apply for sure for these discounts are those who are affiliated with some organization. Some of these organizations are:

  • Federal Physicians Association (FPA)
  • National Federal or Federal Employees (NFFE)
  • Federal Managers Association (FMA)
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA)

There are also unique discounts intended for some specific government departments or organizations. For example, you can apply for special auto insurance discounts if you are employed by:

  • Federal Reserve
  • USPS
  • Department of Transportation
  • FBI
  • Department of Education
  • Department of the Interior.

As we said before, the USPS Geico discount is one of the most important in the US.

Other state employees such as engineers, nurses, police officers, doctors, and many others are able to get car insurance under $50 a month with discount on their policies.


Special car insurance discounts offered by some companies vary widely. Discounts can be large or very limited as decided by each of these companies. For example, USPS discounts are among the most significant.

Also, the policies of each car insurance company may vary according to the state. For example, there could be a federal employee car insurance discount in New York but not in California.

These are some of the most important insurance companies in the United States that offer discounts for state employees:

  • Travelers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • Farmers

One of the US’s largest car insurance companies for state or federal employees is GEICO. 

The acronym “GEICO” stands for Government Employees Insurance Company because only government employees were accepted when the company was founded.

GEICO teacher discounts, for instance, are one of the insurance policies they are glad to offer, but also insure other employees, whether government or not.

Auto insurance teacher discounts or nurse’s car insurance discounts are some of those plans for state employees that some car insurance companies offer. 

However, if you are not a teacher, nurse, or any state employee, you can save some money on your auto insurance.

Just compare several car insurance quotes and select the company that offers cheap car insurance with a low down payment with the coverage that best suits your insurance needs.


Car accidents occur daily. Statistics show that some people with specific professions are involved in more accidents than others with other jobs.

These studies highlight that government employees have fewer accidents and, therefore, file fewer claims than other types of workgroups.

That is why firefighter car insurance, and police officer car insurance, for example, are insurance policies with significant discounts that these companies offer to such government employees.

State or federal employees are included in a low-risk group. That is why you will pay lower rates even if the insurance company does not offer any kind of discount specifically.

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