September 30, 2022


Having a competent screen recorder on your computer is necessary to make sure none of your gaming records go uncaptured. With leaps in technology, tons of gaming recorders are vying to gain the users’ attention in 2022. But not of all them are worth your time and money.   

We have done a comprehensive research and shortlisted the best screen recorder for PC games for you. And everyone can use it with ease irrespective of their skill levels.

Stick to reading and find out! 

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Part 1. What’s the Best Game Screen Recorder for PC in 2022?

Having millions of satisfied users, HitPaw Screen Recorder is hands down the best gaming recorder. It comes loaded with impeccable recording functions with ability to capture the screen in 1080p and 4k. 

The program guarantees high-quality recordings without any lags for simplicity and beauty. With this game screen recorder with facecam capturing even graphic-demanding games is on your fingertips. Expect uninterrupted, lag-free recording experience irrespective of the game you want to capture.     

Aside from recording, users can draw in real-time to highlight important details as well as take unlimited screenshots. Some of its advanced features include customizable screen area, scheduled/timed recording, segment recording, capture mouse movements and keystrokes, and real-time monitoring. In addition, it has a built-in editor to cut and remove the unnecessary recordings with just few clicks.

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All these traits coupled with a sleek interface make HitPaw Screen Recorder a go-to choice for both professionals and beginners. No to mention, you can use it on both Mac and Windows.

Part 2. How to Record Games for PC Using HitPaw Screen Recorder?

One of the most highlighted features of HitPaw Screen Recorder is its ease-of-use. Even a 10-year kid can navigate all its functions without any technical hassles. It has got all the amazing customizable tools that qualifies it as a full screen game recorder.

To keep the ball rolling, here’s how to record any game using this remarkable program.

Step 1. Install HitPaw Screen Recorder on your PC. 

Step 2. Run it and click on “Game” under the Record tab. Then, choose the game you want to record on the pop-up tab.   

(Note: Keep the game application running while recording it. You can minimize it though)

Step 3. After that, click on the Capture Keystrokes icon on the top bar, enable Show Keystrokes in Effects tab. Choose any style from the available options.


Step 4. Now, click on the Record icon to begin recording your game in the background. The program won’t disturb other applications running on your PC. 

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Step 5. When you’re done recording, hit the Stop icon to enter the editing interface. Trim the video to cut unnecessary parts. 

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You can now access the video in the History tab. No other software or service offers such an easy procedure to capture a game. 

Part 3. Beyond a Screen Recorder – Record, Stream, Share

The functionality of HitPaw Screen Recorder goes beyond just game screen recording. It is a one-stop solution to capture anything on your screen as well as live stream your event effortlessly. 

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1. Streaming on Multiple Platforms 

The introduction of the live streaming feature has moved it to the top of premium screen recorders.   You can now go live with your audience on many popular platforms including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more. What’s more, it gives you freedom to live stream an event on multiple platforms simultaneously to attract diverse audience.

2. Stream and Record Simultaneously 

Another distinct trait of this program is its ability to host a live session and record your games at once. Now, you can have the flexibility of going live with your followers while capturing the event in real-time to use it elsewhere in future. 

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3. Record online lecture with templates

The program provides a huge library of well-designed templates, stickers, virtual backgrounds, and texts. It takes you just one click to add these elements to your live streaming or presentation to make it more appealing to audience. 

4. Virtual Camera

HitPaw Screen Recorders offers the “Virtual Camera” feature for hosting video meetings. With it, the host can engage all the participants of a video meeting better than ever. Now, you can entertain them with various templates, backgrounds, and stickers in real-time. It takes just one tap to change the background to a preferred virtual background during a meeting.     

Note that this program is compatible with all popular video meeting and video chatting platforms including Video Meeting Apps: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex,, Zoho Meetings, and so on. 

5. Cost Friendly   

With all these stellar features, it’s natural to assume HitPaw Screen Recorder a costly program, Well, guess again!

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It is arguably the cheapest screen recorder + live streaming software available in 2022. Plus, the program offers three different premium plans to let the users choose the most suitable package.


And that brings us to the end of this informative guide. It provided a comprehensive review of the best game screen recorder of 2022 along with its key features and how-to guide. 

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