September 27, 2022

Artificial intelligence is a computer or computer-like robot which mimics the problems solving methods and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Several definitions have surfaced in the past few years; John McCarthy defines artificial intelligence in his writing as “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs”. It means artificial intelligence is working on knowing human intelligence by using AI. They are supposed to work like the human brain in different situations, but still, it is not possible. However, engineers are working day and night to make their dream come true; there are many features artificial intelligence devices are providing in the present era.

Many other famous scientists have given their opinion on the definition of Artificial Intelligence, according to Alan Turing’s Seminal work, considering artificial intelligence is the “father of computer science”. At the same time, Turing imposed the question of whether artificial intelligence robots or computers can think. After that, he took a test famously known as the Turing Test, in which an interrogator was asked to distinguish between the response of an artificial machine and a human to a Text. This test also remains an integral part of AI history.

In this article, we will discuss some of the essential facts about Artificial intelligence, how artificial intelligence is helpful for humankind and the disadvantages of using Artificial intelligence.

Can Artificial Intelligence play an X-factor in the moderation of Society?

As we already know that AI is playing an essential role in Society. Our mobile phone settings are examples of AI. AI is the union of computer science and a robust database to enable machines to solve specific problems. Nowadays, the hype is also booming that AI is expected to be some of the breathtaking inventions, or it may bring some kind of innovation to the existing technology.

Some companies are thinking about creating autopilot cars, which means there is no need for a driver in the Car. In this robotic Car, you have to sit in the Car and select the location you have to reach. The Car will move on to the programming made by engineers and take you to your destination without any difficulty.

It means in the next few years, AI can play an essential role in the progress of Society.

Types of AI

There are two main types of Artificial intelligence which are given below

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence

1- Weak AI

 Weak AI, also known as narrow AI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI), is built to perform a specific task. They can not multi-task at the same time. Weak AI drives most of the machines around us, which operate vital tasks. Examples of Weak Artificial Intelligence are Apple’s Sirri, Amazon Alexa, and IBM Watson. Most of our mobile features are AI, which is made for specific work.

2- Strong AI

It is known as Artificial Super Intelligence, or we can also say Artificial General Intelligence; it is a theoretical form of AI. This type of AI is still a very complicated and time taking process because this kind of AI is known to have equal intelligence to humans. It should have self-consciousness that can solve problems and plan for the future. Some scientists have said that ASI will pass out the intelligence level of the human brain. While it is entirely theoretical, we do not have any practical examples of Strong Artificial intelligence. In the future, the best examples of ASI could be Superhuman, rogue computer assistant, and HAL.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

There are a variety of applications that AI has; some of the facilities are given below.

Speech Recognition:

It is a well-known feature of automatic speech recognition; this facility is used to know the pronunciation of a word. It can also be used to write a text by speech. It can transform human language into human language. Many mobile phones have this beautiful feature which might be helpful for a person who cannot write.

Photo Editing:

There are many AI tools to make your photos look beautiful. If you want to transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary AI- photo editors are the perfect match. AI tools enhance the photo size; they can also remove the background and add the experience according to your requirements.

Customer Services:

Many international virtual agents are replacing their human workers with AI robots that give answers to frequently asked questions about the products. Examples of this type of AI service are messaging bots on e-commerce sites with virtual agents, messaging apps such as Slack and Facebook Messenger, and tasks done by virtual agents.

Recommendation Services:

Using the data consumption behavior of a user, an AI algorithm can help this user to find data according to his desire and requirements that are very effective in selling the products.

These are some of the uses of Artificial intelligence; it is making progress by leaps and bounds. In the coming years, it will become more advanced and helpful for humankind.

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