October 7, 2022

People facing aggressive hair loss often find it hard to decide between hair systems and surgery. That’s because both have their share of advantages. However, we think hair systems make more sense than a transplant.

Our team collaborated with Lordhair, a leading hair system brand, to unearth the major benefits of choosing hair systems over surgery. The findings from our discussion are documented in this blog!

Read on to discover the most popular benefits of choosing hair systems for hair recovery:

Hair systems have become a popular pick for men who want instant results. A successful hair transplant may take around six months to show results. Hair systems on the other hand deliver a full head of hair within minutes.

2. Absolutely painless

Not everyone is comfortable going under the knife for getting back their hair.  A surgery means you have to take medication, undergo long sittings, and endure surgical discomfort as well. Though not unbearable, hair transplant surgery is indeed painful. On other hand, human hair systems are completely painless.

Hair replacement systems for men are the perfect option if you hate injections, medications, and everything else that comes along with surgery.

A hair transplant is not for everyone and it may not give you desired results. Some medical conditions elevate the risks associated with surgery. If your hair loss is already very extreme, a transplant may not even be possible.

A hair system on the other hand delivers instant and guaranteed results to everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of hair loss or medical condition you have.

4. Zero side effects

Wearing a hair system brings zero risks since it is completely non-invasive. Millions of people on the other hand have faced some side effects after their hair transplant surgery.

Bleeding, scalp infection, itching, and scarring are some of the most common side effects of a hair transplant. That’s why a lot of people nowadays avoid surgery and wear human hair systems instead.

5. Affordable

In addition to delivering instant results and bringing zero risks, hair

systems are super affordable. You can pick a hair system according to your budget and hair goals. In fact, affordability is one of the major reasons behind people favoring hairpieces as compared to a hair transplant.

Considering the average price per graft of surgery is US$5, the overall cost for transplanting 2500 grafts comes out to be more than US$13,000. Need we say more?

6. Comfort & durability

Natural hair is woven into a thin skin base to make hair

systems that give a natural look and comfortable experience. Hair systems are

fixed to the scalp using skin-friendly tape or glue, making it easy for the wearer to go without removing the unit for more than a week!

Hair retained by surgery also scores high on comfort and durability. However, you must pay extra care to extend their lifespan.

We hope that the above benefits helped you make up your mind about hair replacement systems. Now, let’s look at some tips to choose the right hair system.

Tips to Choose a Hair System

Choosing the right hair system is certainly not an easy task. A lot of men – especially first-time users – have little to no knowledge about modern hair units. As a result, they end up buying a hair system that either looks unnatural or is uncomfortable.

To help men make the right decision, we decided to share some hair system selection tips and hacks from our personal experience. The following points will help you in choosing a perfect non-surgical hair replacement product:

Measure head size

The first and foremost thing to do before buying a hair system is to measure your head size. Why? Because an oversized hair replacement unit will look very odd and a smaller one will fail to meet the purpose of concealing your hair loss. Apart from head size, also check the contours of your scalp to get max realness.

Choose hair type

If you want a hair system that looks super real, choosing one with synthetic hair is not an option.  Go with processed human hair sourced from Europe, China, or India. Natural hair systems designed using harvested human hair look, feel, and act just like the real deal. There is unprocessed human hair too but it is not readily available and is quite expensive.

Find right cap construction

Thorough research

A lot of people buy the wrong hair system because some retailers care more about making a sale than guiding them toward the perfect hair loss solution. So, always do thorough research on different hair system manufacturers and suppliers before placing an order. Make sure that the supplier has a huge catalog that includes hair systems of various sizes, types, colors, and lengths. This way, you can review multiple products to find which one meets your hair requirements.

We hope that the above insights helped you choose the right hair system for your unique hair goals and cleared all your doubts about the two popular hair recovery options.

Have questions in mind? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from leading hair experts. Leave a comment if you became wiser about hair recovery after reading this blog!

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