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6 Ways to Market Your Mobile App on Social Media

It’s safe to say that the way people consume news and information has changed dramatically over the years. For journalists, the issue is that the rules and rules of digital publishing don’t exactly support that kind of information sharing. Best Ways to Market Your Mobile App on Social Media. On the other side, news organizations have had to evolve and adapt quickly.

The speed at which information moves in today’s digital world, combined with the ubiquity of smartphones, makes mobile news the only way to share relevant information across multiple social media platforms quickly and efficiently. And with this speed comes new challenges and new ways to get news into readers’ hands – making social media a critical part of an app’s marketing strategy.

Here are five ways your app can get its social media business on the right track:

1. Set up Your Company’s Social Media Accounts

Before you even launch your app, it’s essential to create accounts on all of your favorite social media platforms. For your first step, make sure your company has a Twitter account. This is a great first step for establishing your company’s brand and connecting with your existing followers and clients on social media. Follow these steps to create an account on Twitter:

Sign up for Twitter by logging in with your social media account. Tap “Create Your Account” from the top right corner. Fill in your first name, last name, email, and security code.

Add a profile picture.

Create a bio by using keywords relevant to your business, industry and news story. Also, include something relevant to your brand – logos, photo clips, or logos of your team and clients.

Once you’ve set up your Twitter account, you’ll see notifications alerting you when you have new tweets, retweets, or other updates on your account. Tap to get to your profile on Twitter.

2. Get Your App Company Profile on Every Social Media Platform

Once you’ve established your company’s profile on Twitter, it’s time to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Take this opportunity to update your profiles on all of your favorite social media sites. You’ll likely see changes on most of your platforms soon after you launch the app. This gives you a chance to get in front of people on your website or blog when they begin sharing and recommending your app to their followers. You can’t get ahead of it all though, so here are a few steps to follow to set up your app company profiles on your favorite social media sites:

3. Do some research to find out which social media sites

 Most popular and where people are already talking about your app. Remember that some social media sites have become so large and so crowded that they now compete for attention and priority. Find out what information people are sharing about your app to get the right people on your radar.

Create your social media profiles on each of your favorite social media sites by adding information to the right places. Use the information you’ve collected to create a professional profile on each platform, drawing users to your brand. Take the time to learn how each social media network is used to interact with people in each specific market.

4. Start by adding a basic profile on each platform

Adding a Twitter profile is simple: Create an account, follow relevant accounts, and add a few words about your app and your company. Your profile photo will then appear on your Twitter profile.

Adding a Facebook profile is similar to setting up a Twitter profile. Just follow the process you followed on Twitter and add a photo and profile information about your company. Your social media profiles will create a different audience for your apps. You can also find out where people are already talking about your app to get that information into the hands of your existing followers.

Head to your favorite social media apps and take the time to update your profiles to accurately reflect your company’s brand.

5. Customize Your App’s Storyline on Twitter

Your first effort at social media marketing on each of your social media sites will set the tone for your brand’s story. Your followers will ask questions to you and your company as you’re in the middle of the story – such as “When is your app available?”

It’s important to make your story as real and relatable as possible. Your mobile app’s story needs to be a way for people to get your message to their friends and family. It’s not enough to simply show people how you’re helping people to do things they never thought possible. Show people how your app can simplify their daily lives.

Build up your audience by connecting with current and potential customers and fans to bring them in the story with you. You can start to build this interest by adding a unique angle to your social media marketing. Take some time to create a quick story on each of your social media sites, sharing your brand’s latest milestones. Share real-time social media stories that keep your audience engaged as your business grows.

6. Tackle Popular Marketing Ideas on Your Company’s Social Media Sites

Learn how to connect your company’s story to the platform that makes your app most popular. Take some time to learn about current trends in the media. Follow trends by writing your own articles to share with your audience.

Create posts to engage your audience on your company’s social media sites by responding to questions they pose on a regular basis. Let people know how they can get involved and make a difference by sharing your social media posts and mentions with their own followers.

Ask followers for feedback about your brand. Ask them what they’re interested in and how your business can help them. Listen to people and learn what they want and how they want it. Listen to their responses and show them how your brand can help.

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