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5 Ways to Improve Video and Real-time Enterprise Apps

On February 6, the Enterprise Improve Video Platform Collaborative Project (EVPP) launched, providing a unified set of industry standards for delivering real-time video-enabled enterprise apps to users. The initiative, which is comprised of a consortium of industry leaders and members from the open source and enterprise video communities. Aims to further promote the ongoing progress of real-time video and enterprise apps in general.

Based on existing industry standards and guidelines. EVPP aims to create a shared ecosystem that helps enable increased market adoption of real-time apps in enterprise organizations. The EVPP states that the initiatives for advancing real-time applications will be focused on five core areas:

Solutions for new services, such as augmented reality, VR, location-based services, video analytics, and read more.

Tools for streamlining the development process.

Integrations with leading enterprise applications and platforms.

Learnings from real-time environments, such as the Internet of Things and smart cities.

Benefits and applicability to enterprise video on mobile and other mobile devices.

1. Real-time Enterprise Applications

Continuing to build on the successes and strides made by the current video ecosystem is important to the future of video. At the same time, the enterprise applications that organizations use today are increasingly focused on the real-time, streaming use cases. These applications also benefit from low latency, flexible video capabilities, and multi-platform availability.

2. In other words organizations have no other choice but to focus on real-time enterprise apps

for reaching and engaging consumers on mobile devices and other real-time mobile devices. As a result, businesses are seeing more users adopt real-time apps and more users using these apps to access enterprise apps on mobile devices. The use cases for these real-time apps are continuing to expand rapidly, particularly on the enterprise side of things.

A comprehensive picture of the real-time enterprise apps market comes from this Enterprise App Market Report from CiteSeer. The report points out that some 37% of enterprise apps surveyed have been built specifically for real-time solutions. While many real-time enterprise apps are still in the early stages of development, they are seeing a higher level of adoption than any other type of enterprise app. The report states that 38% of real-time enterprise apps have more than 100 users or more than 5,000 users, with 25% having more than 500,000 active users, representing a tremendous increase in real-time enterprise app adoption over the past year.

3. Real-time Enterprise Applications for Enterprise Video

Clearly, real-time enterprise applications are becoming the cornerstone of enterprise video. They offer powerful real-time functionality, simplified integration capabilities, and an opportunity to take advantage of highly scalable mobile and other real-time systems. Additionally, real-time enterprise apps have long-term applications, such as improving the user experience and creating more opportunities for real-time data and analytics.

In addition, real-time enterprise apps can support more advanced video solutions such as augmented reality. Real-time analytics, video compression, and streaming, especially given the extensive applications of artificial intelligence in today’s enterprises.

4. The EVPP states that there are many real-time enterprise apps

That are available, including video analytics, remote healthcare services, and location-based services. However, there is a wealth of potential real-time enterprise applications that have not yet been developed. Many organizations are still waiting for an opportunity to get their real-time apps developed.

The EVPP, which is chaired by Eric Schulzke VP of product management at Ooyala and Ted Smith. VP of engineering at Vidyo, is attempting to create a common set of enterprise video standards. These standards, combined with existing real-time enterprise apps, can help organizations realize their real-time enterprise apps. The EVPP is also building new real-time mobile apps for enterprise customers. Which they hope will be available for all real-time enterprise apps soon.

This EVPP has several of its own real-time enterprise application that’re going to be released as part of the EVPP standard. These real-time mobile apps are aimed at monitoring public events in real-time and allowing for real-time analysis and assessment of users and public events. In addition, the EVPP has developed new real-time enterprise video solutions as part of the EVPP standard.

A full discussion of these new real-time enterprise applications. Applications that help organizations prepare for future enterprise video applications, and organizations building their own real-time enterprise.

5. Real-Time Enterprise Applications for Enterprise Video — Enterprise Video Features

In the real-time enterprise apps for enterprise video section. There is a real-time enterprise application for managing video based on an enterprise security protocol. This security protocol provides easy access to surveillance data. The security protocol includes access to live video feeds and access to video content from both live and archived videos. The security protocol can also send and receive content related to security events. Events that require fast video sharing, security alerts, and video analytics. These security events include public events that may affect the company. There are several other enterprise video features available. Including real-time analytics, enhanced real-time audio and video sharing, and enhanced security features.

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