October 5, 2022
How to Gain Repeated Customers

1. Commit to providing consistent customer service

Remember people can never forget a bad customer service experience. You can also think one or two on the top of your head right now. In e-commerce, business strengthens with strong customer service and it plays a great role in success. How can you excel in your customer service provision?

  • Provision of the exact item in a promised time frame:
    At the bare minimum, make sure every customer receives the exact item they ordered within the promised time frame. The customer service should offers around-the-clock assistance
  • Make returns, exchange, and cancellation easy:
    Customers will definitely feel resentful if they feel stuck with the product they don’t want. And if you provide an easy return, exchange or cancel a subscription, it will definitely win you some credibility and goodwill. 
  • Be honest:
    Be honest about the product you’re selling. Do not oversell. Prioritize clarity overselling. 
  • Make accessibility easier:
    Make it easier for people to get in touch with you. Use social media, live chat, web form, phone, email, and other such channels to provide a sense of user-friendliness.
  • Respond to queries promptly:
    Respond to people’s queries and inquiries as soon as possible. And train your staff to greet and support the customer with the best of their hospitality and professionalism. 

2. Create a customer loyalty program

Let’s say you are trying to decide between two sandwiches, both are good and costs are also comparable but only one offers “buy one get one offer”. Definitely, the offer makes the decision a whole lot easier for you. 

The same is the case here. People like to get rewards. And getting something for free upon choosing your brand often tip people to make a decision in your favor. Customer reward programs can be of different kinds. You can always give credit card points on a certain number of purchases like food chains mostly do. Or you can add tiers, where people can unlock a certain level on a specific number or amount of purchases. 

3. Create a subscription program

The option may not make sense for every business but if you’re selling some product which people will need again in a few months or weeks then creating a subscription program would be a great choice. This will encourage them to keep coming back if they feel satisfied with the provided service. 

Signing up for an automatic subscription or delivery can save the customer from the trouble of going through the checking out process again. And subscription programs also promise savings in exchange for long engagement and commitment.  For example, if the subscriber knows he is going to need more dog food in a month anyway, why not take advantage of a subscription and enjoy the discount? 

4. Keep customers informed about the offers and discounts

No other tactic can replace a great discount offer. Discounts are a proven tactic to get more sales and is a good way to reward loyal customers. A brand can always remind their presence to the customers by providing a discount or promise a free item on the next purchase through emails. This will encourage them to come to your store again. Keep reminding the customers periodically of the ongoing deals and discounts to keep them informed. 

If your customer doesn’t come back then promise them an exclusive deal on their return through email. These few tried and tested tactics will unknowingly create a place for your brand in the customer’s mind. And whenever they think of shopping they’ll surely visit your store. 

5. Send regular marketing emails and texts

Put your email marketing campaign to use and share valuable information about your brand with the customers. Share the achievements, news and other offers that might interest customers and add value to them. Email marketing is still the most economical and effective type of online marketing if used right.

The online world is a playground for almost every business over the internet. And if played right and creatively you can achieve your target. Whereas I myself rely on few providers over the internet, and Cox Communications is one of them. Cox cable customer service is one of its kind and is best suitable for business owners and people who are running online campaigns 24/7. Click here to get assistance in picking the best cable, internet, and phone service. 

We gathered the above points after experiencing established brands like Comcast Xfinity, Cox communications, etc. And found that these very points are the reason behind their massive success.

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