September 30, 2022

Going to a car dealership to buy a car for the first time can be daunting. Especially for women, that can be more intimidating and it has good reasons too. Salesmen often aggressively target women to sell cars, quote higher prices and presume women understand less about cars than men. They’re even forced into making deals they don’t wish for or need. In worst cases, salespersons make incorrect and suggestive remarks to the women buyers. 

A survey in 2019 showed that 65% of cars sold in the US were bought by females. But due to such inconveniences, they often feel uncomfortable with the dealing process. 

  • Research and Narrow the Options

Getting a car is the second largest buying decision that people make and it can be an overwhelming experience. If you’re also planning the same, it’s important to research your options.

Cars come in different makes and models from different brands. So, this can be difficult to narrow down to a single option. Moreover, the salesman can trick you into buying a model that you don’t want or need. The only way to prevent this is to know about cars, their features and brands.

You can check online reviews to learn which one is in trend currently. You may even advice from friends or colleagues. Instead of selecting one option, it’s better to have more than two models in a similar category.

  • Set A Budget

The next thing you need to do is set a budget and hold on to it. To do that, you must know the vehicle price, its tax, potential interest, processing fees and insurance cost. Do not only consider the monthly payment because that’s simply a part of what you need to pay for the vehicle. 

The best tip in such cases is to get a pre-approved car loan. If you’re determined about buying a car, then go to the bank and apply for a car loan. Inform them of the EMI amount you can afford to pay monthly so they’ll be able to tell you the total loan amount, EMI amount, interest rate, etc.

  • Trade-In Your Old Car For A New Car

Do you have an old, damaged car sitting in the garage? Then it’s better to sell it and get a new car. Or, you can simply trade in that damaged car for a new one. However, if you visit a auto dealer, they may offer you $5,000 to $6,000 below the present market rate. But a smart car buyer will sell their cars at the market rate.

To avoid any hassle, you can search online and there’re plenty of car dealers who are willing to buy a broken car and pay you a good amount. For example, DamagedCars is a great platform to sell any wrecked or totaled car that provides services nationwide with a guaranteed offer. 

Dealing with a blown engine can be a major stressor, but selling such a car with DamagedCars is not. You simply fill up an online form, give the car details, get a quote, accept the offer and they’ll arrange a free towing for the car. You can collect the check while handing over the key and car to them.

  • Negotiate the Price

Negotiating a car price may seem intimidating and that’s why many women feel shy about it. But you won’t be able to find a dealer who will offer a price that you want until you negotiate. There’s another mistake many buyers do. After taking a test drive, if they like the car, they agree to purchase it without negotiating the price. That’s a big mistake.

Car experts recommend negotiating the price before taking a test drive. So, you can understand what model you’re bargaining for. During that process, keep away your emotions and don’t allow the dealer to offer you a different finance option while negotiating. 

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to do:

  • Get information about the car as much as possible, including its market price, features, mileage, latest car deals and other models. Keeping these information in mind may help you save a few hundred dollars in your pocket.
  • Learn what you can negotiate for and what not. For example, taxes and car registrations are not negotiable. 
  • Ask the dealer if there’s an attachment in the car that you don’t need. Like a window etching that you don’t want so, you can request to remove it to save that money.
  • Ask the dealer to explain the breakdown of the final cost.
  • Be Confident

Lastly, be confident when you’re entering a car shop. Some people may feel disheartened after knowing the total cost. You may also get a bad deal. If yes, don’t be afraid to walk away. But in case you know what you can negotiate and you have the finance backup, there can be nothing go wrong.

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