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5 Best Exercise Machines to Lose Stomach Fat

First of all, let’s just clarify that to lose stomach fat you cannot do a “plank” or another abdominal exercise machines to an extreme degree, or the abdominal muscles won’t be developed in the right way. When it comes to a specific exercise machine you can go ahead and get a good idea by looking up your body measurements and seeing which machine would give you the best results.

For example Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Abs, and Lower Belly. This will come as a suggestion as to which specific machine would be best to use when trying to lose belly fat. The main things to look out for are:

●The Machines that make you work the most on your abs and upper body

●Machines that have better resistance levels

●The Machines that have loads of body weights which are easy to use

If you want a machine with a specific trainer you can usually find their names on the machine. They are called Fitbit trainers. If you don’t have a trainer and just want a machine with good levels of resistance you should take a look at the machines which are Fitbit exercise machines but with weights. Otherwise, you will not see a huge difference in your body fat levels even though you are exercising more.

If you have the resources and it is something you can do in your home or at the gym you can then go ahead and try the following machines to lose belly fat. Each machine is equipped with loads of body weights that can be used to help you work your abs or upper body. They are mainly designed to have enough resistance which is easy to use and to get the proper exercises.

For example the Hand Cycle, Beach Buggies, Beach Treads, Beach Stations, Fitness Treadmills, Resistance Machines, Synergy Plyometric, Kettle Bells, Cadillacs, Jam Hand grease, Ski Balls, Hammer Strength, and Relaxation Cushions. Additional information on each exercise machine. You can either get a good idea by checking out their respective websites or by seeing who the manufacturer is. For example Stair Climbers, Beach Buggies, Fitness Treadmills, and Restoring Fitness. Perfect Fit Equipment, Beach Treads, Fitbit Gyms, Handcycles, Beach Stations, Fitness Treadmills, and Resistance Machines.

Stomach Exercises

If you want to lose weight for both your body and your belly you should keep a workout program that includes at least two different exercises:

●Body Weight Exercises

●Body Weight Exercises

●Cardio Exercise

Each time you work out you should focus on two different areas. (If you want to lose weight for your upper body and you also want to lose belly fat. You can’t do bodyweight exercises as the bodyweight exercises will only help your upper body). For example exercises for your lower body for your chest or biceps and also for your upper body. (If you want to lose belly fat you can only do bodyweight exercises).

A good rule is to mix up different exercises like leg lifts for your biceps. And chest exercises or stretching for your abs. The goal is to exercise enough to keep you flexible and in shape. So that you can move your body in a dynamic way and focus more on muscle development rather than fat loss. The best thing to do is to get some other types of machines. That would work with your body weight exercises as well as cardio exercises. These would be machines with different weights and resistance levels.

I would recommend following a workout program that is easy to follow and that consists of these five machines. The best way to get exercise machines is to visit the website of the manufacturer to get details on how to lose belly fat. But you can find them on Amazon.

My exercises for losing belly fat are:

●Bicycle Crunch

●Chest Weight and Resistance Machine

●Crunch and Lift

●Chest and Ab Machines

●Cardio Exercise

My exercise program is based on these machines (without weights). As they provide extra resistance which is easy to use but it takes more time to complete all the required reps.

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