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15 Best Predictive Analytics Software and Tools

Predictive analysis plays a vital role in many people’s everyday jobs, whether entrepreneurs, data analysts, or an engineer. It may enhance efficiency in the workroom, detect fraud, reduce business risks, and fulfill customer expectations, eventually giving you superiority over competitors. So, you get help in many things when you use top predictive analytics software solutions. But not each product or solution is created identically. 

With the help of this article, I would like to list the best 15 predictive analysis software and tools existing in the marketplace. I really hope that this list will help you pick out platforms that match your active requirements, fall under your budget & keep up with your pace.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Data analysis software and tools assist you to gather large data sets from different sources as well as include them in databases. These tools could be a specialty software solution intended for data scientists. However, various data platforms are pretty easy that can be used by anyone. Data platforms assess data to let you know things regarding your business procedure. The outcomes from data analysis assist you to shape imminent business decisions.

1. Alteryx

Alteryx provides machine learning and data science functionality through a set of software products. Presented by Alteryx Designer automates data blending, data preparation, reporting, data science, and predictive analytics, the self-service platform touts over 260 drag & drop building blocks. This tool allows users to see variable relationships as well as distributions quickly, and also choose and compare the performance of the algorithm effortlessly. No coding is needed when the software can be installed in the cloud, in a hosted environment or behind your own firewall.

2. Tableau

Tableau was first introduced in 2013 in California & now its headquarters is in Seattle. The tableau was taken by the business SaaS giant Salesforce in 2019. And now, Tableaus is a very popular data analytics platform, which is especially considered for data visualization. 

Tableau is very effortless to use.

You can operate everything with easy drag & drop. The dashboards are collaborating and assist you to make data visualizations quickly. It performs data preparation as well as integration regardless of what your data sources are. This tool has data sets that can come from SQL, big data, or even Excel spreadsheets.

Moreover, it does predictive data analysis that assists you to identify trends in real-time. This prescriptive data analysis also provides new insights on the way to enhance business efficiency. There are different packages available for Tableau. The tableau Public is free of cost. While other Tableau packages start at around $70 per month for every user billed annually. 

3. Dreamdata

Dreamdata is a B2B revenue attribution software that enables you to make, replicate, as well as scale success. Its technology gathers, joins, & cleans all revenue-relevant data intending to deliver actionable, transparent analysis of the factors which drive business-to-business revenue. This allows businesses to carry out and comprehend B2B attribution, monitor content ROI, and advertiser lifetime value (LTV), forecast revenue, benchmark growth, and determine which scaling tactics to follow next.  

This platform is best for businesses having 50 to 500 people that have extensive sales cycles, some stakeholders contributing in negotiations, and depend on digital platforms for growth. 

Some features of this platform:

  • API
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Performance metrics
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Benchmarking
  • Conversion rate optimization

4. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a highly used end-to-end data analysis software that makes use of machine learning and data modeling to provide you with strong predictive analytics. All thing works on a quick drag & drop interface. With this platform, you get a library of more than 1,500 algorithms to use on your data. You can have templates to monitor things such as customer churn as well as predictive maintenance.

RapidMiner is the best data visualization platform. It helps see future results of business decisions simple to determine. Automated machine learning provides you with statistics on potential gains as well as other ROI data. You can have a free version of RapidMiner. While the Professional version is also available at $7,500 and another Enterprise version is offered at $15,000, both per year for every user. This tool is the best for Free users, small businesses, startups, Large businesses, Data visualization, Data modeling, and Machine learning algorithms.


IBM (which stands for international business machines) is a popular name in the industry. SPSS is its service solutions and statistical product. It was firstly introduced in the year 1968.

IBM SPSS focuses on advanced statistical analysis and performance. You can find two modules in it. SPSS Modeler and SPSS Statistics. The SPSS Statistics module carries out predictive analytics. It syndicates ad hoc analysis, geospatial analysis and hypothesis testing. This is suitable when you want to locate precise answers in your data. Along with that, there is another SPSS Modeler. This is more open-ended in comparison to SPSS Statistics. This converts predictive analysis to graphic visuals. This makes it simple to spot anomalies and patterns in data. Moreover, you can use the Watson AI tool of IBM. This provides you with pretty advanced data science features utilized for predictive analytics. 

The statistics of IBM SPSS begin at $99 per month for every user. IBM SPSS Modeler begins at $499 per month for every user. This platform is best for SMBs, enterprises, Large businesses, Academics, Statistical analysis, Data scientists, and Data modeling. 

6. Dataiku

Dataiku provides an advanced analytics solution that facilitates organizations to make their data tools. The flagship product of the company features a team-based UI for both data scientists and data analysts. Dataiku’s integrated framework for development as well as deployment offers instant access to all the features required to design data tools from the start. Users can then use data science and machine learning techniques to create as well as deploy predictive data flows. 

7. H2O.ai

H2O.ai provides many data science and AI products, presented by its marketable platform H2O Driverless AI. This amazing driverless AI is a completely open-source, dispersed in-memory ML platform having direct scalability. H2O helps widely used machine learning and statistical algorithms with gradient-boosted machines, deep learning, generalized linear models, and more. Moreover, H2O has built AutoML functionality which automatically runs over all the algorithms to create a leaderboard of the finest models.

8. Looker

Looker is an awesome BI tool on the whole. By utilizing advanced analytics, it targets to assist companies to plan business decisions. This tool can carry out data integration through any SQL source. The user can build dynamic dashboards as well as share them with other users. These dashboards are instinctual and fine-looking. You can have tools to program data workflows.

Looker platform also has exclusive data modeling layers that make data available to everyone in real-time. Here is integration having Slack for improved team collaboration. Google Ads and the Google Marketing Platform also work together with Looker. This platform is best suitable for SMBs, enterprises, large businesses, Automated workflows, and BI. 


TIBCO provides an extensive product portfolio for recent BI, predictive and descriptive analytics, and data science and streaming analytics. The TIBCO Data Science allows users to do model building, data preparation, deployment & monitoring. Moreover, it features AutoML, embedded Jupyter Notebooks, and drag-and-drop workflows, for sharing recyclable modules. Anyone can run workflows over TIBCO’s Spotfire Analytics and get the benefit of TensorFlow, Rekognition, SageMaker, and Cognitive Services to arrange open source.

10. Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica is a system designed for current trendy technical computing. Popular for its influential technical capabilities as well as the comfort of use, this single, unified system covers the depth and breadth of technical computing. It possesses a range of tools for business intelligence, provides flawless cloud integration, and offers a coding language that is easy to write, read, and learn. Wolfram Mathematica provides licensing plans for educational institutions, government agencies, and other industries. Its cost may vary from $945 per year to $5300 per year as per the features you will be requiring and your favored deployment option.

11. RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio is a well-known visual workflow designer created especially for data scientists. Chiefly used for designing predictive models, prototyping ideas, and making the best use of data science productivity, this software uses machine learning as well as a range of integrations to improve data analysis efforts. This handy tool also offers 3 subscription plans which are costed as per the number of logical processors you need to require the extent of data you want to use, and the amount of productivity features you need. Its pricing varies from $2500 per user per year to $10,000 per user per year. For people who only need only crucial predictive analysis tools, you can also choose their free plan.

12. GiniMachine

It is another popular predictive analytics tool with risk-scoring models as well as credit-scoring software intended to assist financial institutions to restructure consumer & business lending by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. GiniMachine platform is best for alternative & traditional lenders of all types and sizes. It is best featured for API, Reporting/analytics, Data visualization, Data import/export, Reporting & statistics, Visual analytics, Performance metrics, and Activity dashboard.

13. ELMO Software

ELMO is the only comprehensive cloud human resource management, staffing/attendance, and payroll solution for New Zealand and Australia. It provides businesses with a single provider, a single user experience, and a single dashboard. ELMO Predictive Analytics utilizes cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create models which predict forthcoming business-impacting events—for example determining employee flying risks at the departmental, individual, & organizational levels. 

This software is best for payroll, HR and finance professionals, C-suite executives, and business owners who want to automate as well as streamline their operations to cut pain points around process, managing people, and pay. It is best featured for API, third-party integrations, Alerts/notifications, Employee database, Reporting & statistics, Reporting/analytics, Activity dashboard, and Self-service portal.

14. ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot can be utilized by data analysts however it is specially made for non-technical users. It is easy enough to use. ThoughtSpot software is hosted over the cloud. This tool uses machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence to help users comprehend their data. You can utilize natural language processing to have understandings in real-time as well as share them with your group members. It provides low-code templates to assist tailor data analytics to precise business requirements. ThoughtSpot has a module known as SpotIQ. This assist uncovers anomalies as well as identifying data relationships. It does data segmentation and isolates trends. 

ThoughtSpot offers two pricing packages. One is dependent upon consumption and the second is reliant on capacity. Both are intended for unlimited users. For exact costs, you can visit the official website. This tool is best intended for SMBs, Ease of use, Large businesses, Natural language processing, Real-time insights, and Data diagnostics.

15. GoodData

GoodData is another comprehensive analytics platform built for professionals belonging to different industries. It integrates the power of social analytics, marketing analytics, and predictive analytics in a single system to assist users to get working insights that can harvest smarter and quick business decisions.

Moreover, the system integrates with a big number of apps to allow your data to be processed as flawlessly as possible under your corporate software system. This amazing platform also offers subscription options, but, they do not grant the pricing details publicly. So, if you are making up your mind to get this product, you need to access the official website and get in touch with their providers for more information.

Final Thought

So, these were the top 15 predictive analysis tools listed for your better knowledge. I hope the piece of information provided with the tools may help you finalize the best one suitable for your requirements. 

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